With the harsh winters that Minnesota is used to, roofs can take a beating. It is recommended to check your roof for any damage, every spring. There may not be a noticeable leak, but there can still be a problem.  Sometimes a roof may be damaged and the leak is slow, going unnoticed until major structural damage has occurred.

Search for Problems with Your Roof

It is a good practice to use binoculars and look at your roof from the street. If you prefer, a professional can be hired to check.  When looking at the roof, first notice if shingles are missing.  Do any shingles have cracks or curls? Make sure all the flashing is there and isn't flapping in the breeze. Pay attention to the shingles - a splotchy color or dirty ones can indicate a problem. This can mean granules are wearing off.

During winter there can be ice damming. This is when the roof warms, and not the eaves. Snow that melts from the warm roof and streams to the eaves. There it freezes and accumulates. The roof warms again, and water gets stuck behind the ice, going underneath the shingles, leaking into your home. Strong winds can also  cause damage by loosening the flashing or shingles.

Should you Replace or Repair Your Roof? There are a few factors when deciding this. The age of the roof is one. If you've got an older roof, you probably want to replace it. If there is a limited amount of damage and the roof is newer, patching could work. If the damage is in front where people will see, keep in mind that the color most likely will be different. If laying on new shingles, be sure there are only two layers. Different Types of Roofing

The majority of roofs are asphalt.  But if you've got an asphalt roof, there's no reason you can't choose something else. There are also tile, metal, wood shakes, composite material, and slate roofs. Money, looks, and where you live help decide what type you want. Asphalt is the most common and least expensive. You can choose the single layer, or architectural or laminated, that are thicker. These types are good for the Midwest. In sunny southern states, tile roofs are popular. Slate is often used in New England. Composite gives the look of wood shakes or slate. Metal roofs are long lasting, and can be copper or steel.

When replacing or repairing your asphalt roof, hiring a professional roofing company like Quarve Contracting can be extremely helpful.  Roof repair is not a do-it-yourself project. There are a lot of dangers involved, and some may not know what to look for. Calling Quarve, a licensed roofing contractor for Minneapolis and St. Paul, means you're getting the help you need.  If you're not sure what shape your roof is in, call us today for a free inspection and estimate for repairs or replacement.  We install metal and asphalt roofing.