Across the nation, this past winter proved to be relentless at times. The location of Minnesota lends the state to long and hard winters every year. The first line of defense for your home against these natural attacks is your roof. Spring is the perfect time to look carefully inside and out to prevent any damage from going further. Rainy spring days increase the probability of seeing problems that would cause leaks on the inside of your home. It is actually beneficial to check the inside first, which would show signs of leaks above the ceiling. This gives you greater insight into specific spots to check on the roof at a later date.

Checking Your Roof From the Inside

Sometimes it has to be the very apparent issues that catch your attention. Though not all roof damage is obvious, there are some things that should be.  The first ceiling below the roof line will usually show water spots or leaks from the roof above. A sagging ceiling area is typical of a slow, long-term leak. Light fixtures may also develop leaks around or through them. Any signs of mold or mildew on the ceiling can be an indication of roofing damage. Sometimes doors and windows become difficult to open and close due to swelling from water. During the winter, any popping noises from the roof should be noted. Heavy, sustained snow on the roof can cause partial collapse. A venture into the attic provides direct access to the sheathing below the protective roofing. Obviously, dripping is a guaranteed sign, but a further look may reveal more. Inspect the rafters for dampness or water stains along with the sheathing above. Any sagging wood is a telltale sign. While looking at the wood above, check nails for water or rust. Carefully peruse the insulation for dampness.

Inspecting the Roof Above

A walk around the outside of the home lends itself to noting any sagging gutters, drip edge, or fascia. The next step is a walk on the roof, which we don't recommend you undertake yourself.  It's best to hire a professional roofing contractor for this.  (You may not have to pay for this service, however, since many roofing companies provide free roof inspections.) The first reason is safety, and secondly, they have trained eyes for potential damage. Some homeowners choose to take on this task themselves, using good ladder safety measures. Look for lifted shingles or loose granules form their protective coating. If there are areas going bare, the roofing in that area needs to be replaced. Loose flashing or cracking around roof penetrations can cause leaks. Make sure the wood underneath is not spongy.

Any issues noted should be handled by a professional roofer. If winter left behind roof damage at your house, Quarve will provide the quality repairs to bring the roof back to life, so you do not have to worry about it failing in the near future. Ask us about inspections, too!

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