Winter can do a lot of damage to any home, but being in Minnesota means you often have a harsher winter than most other parts of the country. When the spring comes calling, it is time to get out there and do some maintenance and prepping for the warmer months ahead. Now is the time to get these things out of the way before small problems turn into large problems.

  • Trim those limbs - You never want to worry about having too many overhanging branches above your home. Of course the shade is nice, but make sure to trim them back away from the roof.  High winds and heavy rains can send those branches crashing through a roof or window.  Trimming them back can leave your yard looking great and your home protected.
  • Fix and replace any damaged gutters - When it comes to gutters on a home, they perform one of the most important functions. If you notice there is a problem with the gutters, you have to have them fixed or replaced so when spring rains come pouring down, there is somewhere for the rain water to go. This is a big part of the home, of the integrity that the home has and one maintenance item that shouldn’t be forgone.
  • Seal that basement - When the wet spring comes around, you want to keep your basement dry and ready to go. This means using the right sealant throughout the cracks, crevices and the entire room. Make sure your portable pump or sump pump is in good working condition while you’re down there. Leaks in your basement shouldn't be an issue come the spring, as long as your gutters and downspouts are working correctly.
  • Clean off your screens and repair any that might be broken - This will allow you to give your home the cool, crisp, sweet-smelling air you've been for waiting all winter. Since the windows have been closed for some time, cleaning the screens off can keep the air quality the best it can be.  And repairs will keep those pesky flies and mosquitoes out.
Quarve can help you with the exterior fixes that are best left to a professional, like a leaky roof or gutter repairs or window replacements. Make sure your home is ready for the spring and summer months and get out there and make the most of it. If the exterior of your home needs a little TLC this spring, call us today.  We are a licensed MN residential building contractor, and we provide exterior home improvement services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.