The roof of is an important aspect of your home's protective elements. Not only does it make or break the look of your home, but it holds the heat or the cold air when needed and keeps the moisture out. But if f you do not take the time to care for it, a lot can go wrong on inside of your home. These spring roof maintenance tips can keep you comfortable for the rest of the spring and summer and keep your roof in good condition.  Spring is a great time to check on your roof; Minnesota winters can be hard on our homes.

  1. Trim or remove low-hanging branches from trees that are near the roof. This can prevent damage to roof itself as well as other structural areas.
  2. Keep your gutters clean of debris and other objects. This can help you make way for the water to get in and go down, like it is supposed to. When gutters are weighed down with debris, the water spills over; this can cause a problem to not only your roof but the foundation of your home.
  3. Check for ventilation in the attic. With the proper air flow in the attic, you get a comfortable atmosphere inside the home as well.
  4. Look for moss or algae that might be growing on the roof. This can cause a problem - it might push up the shingles on top of the roof. It can move down to the siding and cause problems under that as well.
  5. Storm damage is a must to check for after it has rained or stormed heavily. This is especially important after a hail storm.  Look for broken or missing shingles across the entire roof. These should be replaced as soon as you notice them missing.
  6. Check the flashing on the roof. Flashing prevents leaks from water making its way inside the home. If you have a chimney or skylight, inspect these areas closely for leaks and needed flashing repairs. Also check around vent pipes and other areas where flashing is used, such as in valleys on the roof.
When in doubt, always consult a professional about what can be done about needed roof repairs or replacement.  Here at Quarve, we offer roof inspections, and we can repair any problems on your roof. With your roof in good shape, you should feel comfortable in the spring and summer months.  Count on us to have your back and repair those problem areas. Quarve Contracting, Inc. offers roof repair and replacement in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  We also offer storm damage repair.