It’s been some time that even the largest snowbanks around the Twin Cities have given way to lush green lawns. Spending a nice day outside doing yard work, you step out on the street curb and peer back to take in the whole front vista. The mowing and trimming done today looks nice and fresh, but what would someone else notice about your home?  Does is have curb appeal? Are there items that could use some simple attention to spruce things up? Springtime can be a great opportunity to pay attention to details on the exterior of your home and yard and make some changes that show your pride in your home as well as your neighborhood.

Add Appeal to Your Home's Exterior By Starting with the Yard

The quest to beautify your property can start at the street. If there is a fence, some plantings on the outside bring the landscape a welcome touch. The mailbox could use the same idea in a surround of flowers or foliage plants. Your landscaping may need a new layer of mulch or a few annuals for variety. Flower pots at the entry or on the porch will provide depth. A curved entry walk of stone may not be the yellow brick road, but with the right touches it can be indeed inviting. For pleasure inside and out, the addition of flower boxes adds life to front windows. Accent lighting highlights gardens and walks. Who could resist the placement of a porch swing? The driveway should be in good repair not only for aesthetics, but longevity.

Next, Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior

The journey to greater curb appeal now moves to appearance of the house itself.

Cleaning of windows, door and entry entry, and siding may be the only need for bringing these pieces of the pie back to their original shine. The vision may, however include improvements of the home’s exterior. A gaze at the roof should uncover any aging or damage of concern. As the front line of defense against all types of weather, a home's roof should always be a priority. A new roof is protection and beauty wrapped into one. How is your siding?  Siding in disrepair is a clear candidate for either maintenance or a new look with a variety of choices. Siding never stands alone, as fascia, trim, and gutters provide function and a contrast from the main structure. Replacement windows and doors complement the look and improve on a home’s energy efficiency as well as its appearance.

We at Quarve Construction serve the folks in Minnesota with exterior replacements and upgrades that not only improve the beauty of your home but offer good protection for it as well. A solid exterior is the guard against damage inside. We install a variety of siding products, and Quarve is a MN roofing specialist in a number of materials. Our quality installation of trim and gutters frame the picture. Call us for a quote and a satisfying experience from design to stepping back for a gaze at that beautiful home.

We are a licensed MN home improvement contractor serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area as well as western Wisconsin.