Sometimes-harsh Minnesota winter weather holds the potential to wreak havoc to your home, oftentimes requiring repairs to gutters as spring weather makes its arrival. Gutter repair and maintenance is essential after winter, and this may also save your siding and roof from damage the weather elements may cause. The health of your home's gutter system is important - they should be checked each spring and fall.  You can also ask your roofing contractor to perform an inspection of your gutters when your roof is checked, which should be at least annually.

Along with warmer weather, springs also bring with it heavy rains. Avoid leaks, among other issues, by having your local contractor for roofs and gutters help with gutter maintenance now.

Roof Safety and Gutter Inspection Start your inspection in spring with cleaning the gutters as well as checking their condition.  Be sure to wear protective gloves while you clear twigs, leaves, and debris from the winter. After they are clean, sections of gutter that are damaged can be viewed more easily.  In order to assess the condition of the gutters accurately, as well as to clean them out, you will need to have a ladder. Ensure the safety of yourself and people around you by setting down the ladder on level, dry ground. Ask for assistance from a friend or family member to hold onto the ladder while you work, keeping it steady. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time with inspecting or cleaning your own gutters, come down the ladder safely and slowly. You can receive assistance by contacting a gutter company. Repairs That are Common With Gutters

Some common after winter problems that require repair to gutters include:

Trickling Water: Gutters that are bent or are damaged may cause water to trickle between the home's fascia or roof edge and gutter. The pieces that  attach to both the gutter and roof are small, and fortunately replacement or repair can be done easily.

Drainage Blocked: If not due to debris, water that pools can be the result of missing or improperly installed gutter hangers, or the pitch of the gutter needs repositioning to an angle that is sharper downward.

Holes, Cracks, and Sags: Hail, ice, or heavy snow, as well as high winds, can do damage to gutters, causing any of these problems.

If you notice any of these situations with your gutters, it's best to have a gutter installation and repair contractor take care of it immediately.

Need Assistance With the Gutters?

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