While there are many upgrades, renovations and projects that can be done in a home, most of them for a more functional, beautiful appeal.  But we know that many Minneapolis area homeowners are also looking for energy efficiency and home improvements and remodeling that can make their homes greener. With each and every project in mind that they have planned, they think of ways to make it save cash in the long run. The best way to do this is not by cutting down the budget, but by choosing items that help insulate, that perform effectively and efficiently, look nice, and improve the home's value.

There are many ways that you can get this efficiency throughout your home.  Just consider these projects the next time you’re thinking of changing something on your home for more energy efficiency.

Fill Those Gaps - Stop Air Leaks:  By filling the gaps such as those around windows, doors, and other openings like outlets, you can eliminate air leaks throughout the home.  When you do this  you're essentially saving yourself money. Much of your heat (or cooling) is probably lost through those gaps. By closing these gaps, tightening up the structural issues and making it all come together, you’re making your home more comfortable and not spending money to heat or cool the outdoors around your home any longer. Increase the Insulation in Your Home:  This is especially true for older homes - these most likely have insufficient insulation, according to today's standards.  When you increase the insulation throughout the home, you’re allowing more of the hot or cold air to stay inside. This makes the comfort of the home rise, but it can also save money.  Those that have poorly-insulated homes may have a furnace or air conditioning unit that runs constantly because it has to catch up with the temperatures when the cool or warm air leaves the home. There are many choices for insulation to use. Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors are a Must: The easiest solution that many homeowners find with increasing the energy efficiency throughout their homes is by replacing the doors and windows. These two spots are where the biggest energy losses occur.  By getting newer windows and doors with higher energy ratings, you can keep the comforts inside and not let them outside, saving you money each month. Well-Insulated Roofing and Siding: The roofing and siding on a home should be well insulated as well as properly installed. This will prevent gaps, provide more insulation and save additional money each and every month in your energy bill. Without the proper roofing or siding on your home, you will find that you're letting out your comfortable air more than keeping it inside where it belongs.

Here at Quarve, we've got lots of energy-efficient exterior home remodeling products.  We offer a great selection of windows and exterior doors, and we can also install roofing and siding that can increase your home’s energy efficiency. This provides you with an updated outside, while making it more comfortable inside the home.

Want to make your home more energy-efficient this year?  Speak with us today to find out more regarding the exterior remodeling projects that can be done around your home to increase the efficiency and make it more comfortable, increase the value and save you some money each month. We are a licensed MN home improvement contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.