Homeowners know a leaky roof is a big worry. What could the leak in the roof mean? Will I have no choice but to get a new roof? At Quarve we are experts in roofing, and here are some questions we are commonly asked.

What is thought of as a minor roof leak compared to a severe leak?

All roof leaks are thought to be serious. Anyway water enters the house, whether the roof has a hole allowing water to enter the attic or some small stains on the ceiling inside, this repair needs to be dealt with immediately. The sooner the problem is found and fixed, the smaller amount of damage will happen. Delaying any repair of the roof, mostly when there is a leak, will cost more in the end for the homeowner.

The hardest part of repairing a roof is locating the leak. Even when the roof is getting replaced, locating where the water originated from is of importance.A wet spot doesn't necessarily indicate that's where the leak is.  One reason is wicking.  Wicking is a process where water moves prior to settling in one region.

Why would I replace my roof if I have major issues with shingles, and what will happen if I do not?

If a major issue with the roof is not dealt with, the home will receive more damage. For instance, the whole structure of the roof and framing system may be compromised if a leak is ignored. The ceiling would need repair and nsulation will need replacing with a continuing leak.  Other problems can develop such as toxic mold or rotted wood.

What are some reasons to pick a metal roof?

Many people in the Minneapolis area are choosing metal roofs for their homes.  Extreme durability is the reason the majority of homeowners say they pick a metal roof. Resistance to shrinking, cracking, and erosion virtually makes them a maintenance-free roof that will last, often outliving the homeowner. In addition, metal roofing can stand up to extreme weather. This includes hail storms, heavy loads of snow, and lightning strikes. The usual warranty on residential roofs made of metal is long term, many times as long as 50 years - far longer than asphalt.

Obtainable in several styles, designs, colors and textures, metal roofs complement all kinds of architecture. Residential metal roofs can be installed in profiles of traditional vertical seam, but they are also manufactured to resemble slate, wood shake, clay tiles or asphalt shingles. If you need to replace your roof, consider a metal roof for the best in protection for your home.

Here at Quarve we install metal roofing in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including the zip codes of  55082 (Stillwater, Lakeland, Grant Township, Oak Park Heights), 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55114, 55116 (St. Paul), 55108 (Falcon Heights, Lauderdale), 55118 (Sunfish Lake, West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Lilydale).  Call us today to see what we can do for the roof on your home!