Most homes throughout the country have sloped roofs on them, as well as roofing materials that can hinder air flow underneath the roof.   This ventilation is essential to having a happy, healthy home. In some places, building codes actually attic roof ventilation to ensure that the home is properly breathing and cared for.

However, homeowners are still wondering why this ventilation in the roof is so important.

06jun11oa1515When the months become warmer, a roof without adequate ventilation can heat up excessively. This can cause damage to asphalt or wood shake roofing, but it also forces the cooling system in the home to work overtime, causing you to pay more out of pocket to cool down your home.

Without the proper ventilation, the heat and moisture from the trapped air inside the roof can cause the shingles to warp and wear down with time. This can cause many problems with the roofing system on the home.

But good ventilation underneath your roof is important in colder weather as well.  Condensation can cause problems during the winter months when it is trapped inside the attic. This moisture can get into the wood of the home, causing it to warp and rot out.  But air moving through the attic will keep moisture from building up.  And lack of attic ventilation leads to ice dams.  Ice dams on the roof are a major cause of concern. Not only can this ruin the roofing on your home but snow melt can also damage the walls and interior parts of your home.

Adding roof ventilation can be done with a quick call to a professional. With their help, and a relatively low cost to have it installed,  you can forgo all of these problems and have a healthier home with lower maintenance since the ice dams will not have to be removed.

Speak with us here at Quarve to find out how we can help you get the roofing repairs and help you need to have done. We are the MN roofing contractors and we stand by the work that we do. We know how important roof ventilation is for your home, and want to ensure that you do not encounter these problems because of failure to ventilate the home.