06jun11d4a15If it's time for new siding on your home, take a look at what James Hardie fiber cement siding offers.  Fiber cement siding, gives a long-lasting, affordable, beautiful look. This siding has the great look of wood with the strength that cements gives, at a price that is awesome. Hardie siding has been specifically engineered for various climate conditions, and they offer siding products that are perfect for the weather we get here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. The Evolution of Modern Siding

For centuries people have been using some kind of protection for their homes. Siding needs to protect a house from different elements are homes face throughout the year. Historically a popular choice has been wood.  For example, wood is used for protection in Boston on Paul Revere's house. For many, many years wood siding was the choice. The looks of wood are prized. Unfortunately, wood needs a lot of upkeep. This includes painting frequently, which involves scraping off the old paint, sanding, and then priming - all this before you can even paint the wood siding. Wood also has the potential to rot in climates like ours where there is a lot of moisture from humidity, rain, and snow.

The year 1947 brought the invention of metal siding. The first popular product was aluminum. This siding gave homeowners a more durable siding. It does not need frequent painting, and good-quality aluminum siding would hold up for decades.   It was a good economical, low-maintenance siding product.  But there are problems that come with this siding.  For example, it can dent easily; that's not a good quality in areas like Minnesota where hail is common. It can be difficult when it needs repairing, and after a couple of years, the look can change to chalky, which makes its appearance unappealing.  (Since then seamless steel siding has been developed, which doesn't have the drawbacks that aluminum does.) In the 1950's, vinyl siding hit the market. Homeowners were excited over this siding that is basically maintenance-free. It was an improvement over aluminum siding.  Like aluminum, there is no need for painting, but if damaged, replacing a piece is easy.

Throughout the decades, the popularity of these siding products wore off. People began to favor the look of stone and wood. Stone is expensive because it can't be mass produced.  Genuine wood is also expensive, and it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good and functioning well.  But after paying that kind of money, homeowners want something easy to maintain.

During the beginning of the 20th century, fiber cement siding became popular in the United States, and this siding product offered the look and the qualities homeowners were seeking. Along with being affordable and extremely durable, the beauty is something to brag about. It is hard to tell the difference between this and wood. This siding does not rot  and is fire resistant. Termites will not be attracted to it. It can stand up to the harsh elements MN winters can bring. No need for painting, but you can if you wish to change the color.

We are proud to offer Jame Hardie fiber cement siding installation to Minneapolis area homeowners.  Speak with us here at Quarve to find out how we can get you the ideal siding that you want for your home to stand out from the rest and have the protection it needs.  We also install seamless steel siding.  Call us today for a free consultation.