Is your biggest investment well protected? 

One of the most important investments with your property is the roof. Your home will be at risk for damage if good roofing is not installed and maintained. Living here in the Minneapolis area, severe weather is no stranger. Mother Nature can destroy the home you worked hard to get. That's why keeping a good roof over your head is important.

And that means you need a good roofing company.  But all roofing companies are not equal.  Look for a roofer who does more than just install or repair.  When hiring an experienced roofing contractor, numerous roofing services should be offered.

The Best Roofing Companies Offer These Services:
  1. Installation of quality roofing from more than one company
  2. Roof inspections
  3. Roof tear-off and replacement
  4. Gutters and downspouts installation
  5. Roof Repairs
  6. Roof maintenance
Quarve Contracting understands quality roofs are investments that are long term. This helps us be observant with detail. These are just some of the things we take into consideration:
  • The roof needs to handle severe Minnesota weather and be impact resistant to hold up to threats from hail and other debris.
  • If required, solar technology needs to be accommodated.
  • Roofs need to have technology that is cutting edge so they will last.
  • A new roof should be strong enough to stop water leaks from happening.
Whether your roof is old or new, we're committed to giving you the best service possible. The same drive and professionalism for quality workmanship is used for repairs and installation. Our crews have the skills consistent with the job. Besides finding the leaks, they are skilled to detect the reason for it. A few causes for the leak may be shingles missing, nail pops, and top board holes. The source of the leak will be permanently fixed, in a manner that is cost effective.

Look for a roofing contractor that is professional, skilled, and will give you the time needed to get and keep a quality roof. Quarve Contracting is knowledgeable in replacing repairing and replacing roofs - we've been in the business for over three decades.

When you hire a professional roofing company like Quarve Contracting, you'll sleep soundly knowing the roof was done correctly. When it's time for work on the roof over your family's head, always hire experienced, professional roofing contractors.  Our satisfied customers will happily tell you to hire Quarve Contracting.