When is a good time to remodel your home?

It's a common question we get.

Home renovations can be stressful regardless of when they're done.  Most home improvement projects can be planned ahead and timing is flexible, but some home remodeling needs are more urgent than others.

There are some obvious signs that will let you know it is time to remodel your home.

1. When You Have More People Than Bedrooms Inside Your Home

If you first moved into your house with your spouse as newlyweds, you might have had the idea in mind that your children could share rooms when you started having them. This seems like a logical solution, since bunk beds were not created for just one child.

This usually works for small children or younger kids of the same gender. However, down the road the children can start fighting and wanting their own personal space as they get older. While buying a new home might be completely out of the question, you might want to look into a remodeling project that will give your children each their own private areas as you create new bedrooms within your home.

2. If You Get Sent Back To 1974 When You Enter Your Home

With clothing and accessories, styles are constantly changing. This is true with your home as well. It has been said that the inside of your house has a great impact on your mood and how you are feeling, so if your house is pretty outdated you might be feeling a little melancholy when you are at home.

The great thing about updating a home is that it might not take much.

Something as simple as a coat of paint (or removing that awful wallpaper) or updating some lighting fixtures can totally transform your home. However, it could end up being a more in-depth remodeling project when it comes to places like your kitchen or bathroom, but the project will be worth it in the end.

3. When Your House Tells You

Problems with the structure, mechanicals, or major components in your home mean that it is time to take on a remodeling project whether you would like to or not. Things like cracks and settling, termites and water damage, or plumbing and electrical problems call for immediate attention before your home gets worse and what can be a little fix turns into a big problem.

The “while you are at it” theory works perfectly in these situations, though, so use them to your advantage. If you have plumbing problems in one of your dated bathrooms, having the bathroom remodeled and fixed at the same time will help actually save you money.

If you're having new siding installed because the old siding was damaged, have new trim and gutters installed at the same time - siding contractors usually do both.

Of course, in addition to these three 'it's time to remodel' signs, there is always the fourth - you're just ready for a change and have the financial means to do it.

Does your home need a makeover?  Give the professionals here at Quarve Contracting a call, we can help you with all your exterior home improvement needs.

We also offer green remodeling, allowing you to get more cash back on those upgrades that you make by saving on your energy bills.