Once that roof is on your home, you can't just forget about it.

Things happen from time to time that mean roof repairs.  You may notice problems with your roof over time.  With roofing, it's always a good idea to get things fixed right away, before smaller problems turn into larger ones.

Common Roofing Problems
  • Leaks
  • Improper ventilation or cuts on the roof
  • Holes or problem areas from hail and other outside elements
  • Aging shingles
  • Improperly installed materials
Roof Leaks

Leaks are the number one  problem that you’ll find with a roof. This could be caused by a number of factors, but needed repairs will depend on the cause.  You’ll want to have the roof assessed and repaired as soon as possible. Not only can a leak lead to further damage to your roof, it can cause trouble inside, too. That quick, easy-to-fix leak could turn into a whole new roof and structural repair if you’re not careful.

Weather Damage to Roofing

Here in Minnesota, Mother Nature is often the culprit for roof problems.  We get a lot of calls for roof repair due to storm damage. We've had some hail storms this spring with exceptionally large hail, but hail of any size can cause trouble for asphalt roofs.  Lightning strikes, high winds, and wind-driven rain can also cause trouble, so it's a good idea to have your roof inspected after your neighborhood has experienced a severe storm.

Bad Roofing Installation 

Having improper installation of the roof can cause problems. Not only can the structural integrity of the roof be compromised, but the whole home can have multiple issues just because the roof was not installed properly to begin with. Improper installation can even void a warranty.

Make sure to hire only roofing professionals that are reputable and trustworthy to install a roof on your home. It is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Look for a roofer who's certified or approved by the roofing manufacturer - that's always a plus.

Aging Roof 

Having an aging roof means problems are likely, and with an older roof replacement is usually a better alternative than repairs.  Repairs are just going to postpone that replacement for a short time. When you choose to replace your roof, you know that it will stand strong against the elements and that you have some time before you have to replace the roof again.

Here at Quarve, we are a family-owned and operated company that is able to help you with the roofing repairs or replacements that you’re in need of. Make sure that your roof is how it should be, and walk away knowing you’ve hired the right company. We are committed to making sure your roof is in good working order.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. has been providing expert roof repair and installation in the Minneapolis & St. Paul for over three decades.