You're probably not thinking about your gutters right now.

Of course not, the spring rains are behind us, right?  Ah, but the fall storms will be here much too soon, and then there's another Minnesota winter.

Gutters get a workout all year round.

The elements can wreak a lot of havoc on your home, but luckily gutters and downspouts are there to save the day. When they are clean and working at their best, they work hard to remove rain and melting snow. While protecting your home against rain, gutters keep expensive moisture-related problems at bay, but good gutters don't last forever.

07jul06c3a15So how do you know if your gutters need to be replaced?
  • Look for cracks
Gutters crack, essentially ruining the chance of any helpful draining. Having cracked gutters is about as useless of trying to use a bucket that's got holes.

Large cracks in gutters can be seen during dry weather, but tiny cracks reveal themselves during storms (they can sometimes be seen with a pair of binoculars). Regardless of how large or small a crack is, it destroys the purpose of a draining system. Once cracks appear, check the gutters thoroughly - a replacement may be in order.

  • Are your gutters coming apart at the seams?
Gutters are most susceptible to damage where the horizontal seams connect; separations frequently occur and can lead to indoor or outdoor damage from leaking. Seamless gutters are better  alternative.
  • Is rain spilling over the sides instead of going down the spout?
This might just be due to clogging from leaves and other debris, but it could mean the gutters are sagging so the water isn't flowing properly.

Gutter problems can lead to water damage within a home, and we recommend that homeowners inspect theirs several times a year. Without the help of reliable gutters, our homes would not have proper drainage and would be vulnerable to many unsightly and damaging problems.

You can do most gutter inspection yourself without getting up on a ladder - leave that to the professionals.

When it's time for gutter replacement on your home, we can install durable, seamless gutters and debris guards.  We've got the experience and equipment to complete the job efficiently. Gutter problems can add a lot of stress onto a homeowner's life, so let us fix the problem. Call or email Quarve today if you think your gutters need to be replaced or repaired.