Looking for a siding product that can stand up to Minnesota weather?

As a siding installation contractor in the Twin Cities, we carry a number of great siding products that we believe provide terrific protection against the elements.  In this post we'd like you to consider the benefits of fiber cement siding by James Hardie.

If you like the look of wood clapboard siding, take a look at HardiePlank®. This fiber cement siding product replicates the look of real wood siding.

HardiePlank® is one of the best options to go with when you’re looking for durability and strong support against any type of weather we might get in the coming months. While Minnesota is not the place where you’ll find hurricanes, we do get occasional tornadoes. When hail, heavy, hard winds and sometimes a tornado does come through though, you want a siding that is going to stand by your home, no matter what.

Fiber cement siding has many benefits, among them:

  • Protection
  • Flexibility of design
  • Ease of Installation
Siding Protection for Your Home HardiePlank® offers exceptional protection if you're trying to keep your home safe against the outside elements. Not only do you have layer upon layer of hard-working cover, but you also have the fiber cement siding that was specifically engineered to stand up against our specific weather elements on the outside of the home. Protect the inside of your home as well when you choose the right material for the outside. Not only that, but it is an eco-friendly option for homeowners that want to go green. Flexibility of Design With a wide variety of colors, HardiePlank® provides a beautiful look to the outside of your home, without sacrificing the quality that it provides. Hardie siding also comes in other design profiles such as shake, so you can combine colors and styles for a unique, custom look. Easy Installation HardiePlank® is easy for a professional siding contractor to install, so it will not take months to put new siding on the outside of your home. You can sit comfortably and know that you made the right choice to add this to your home. Not only that, but HardiePlank® offers a great warranty with the products that you purchase, and Quarve can give you an additional warranty on the work that we do for you. We want you to feel confident in your decision to go with HardiePlank®.

When you want to make sure that your home is protected against Minnesota weather, make sure to give us here at Quarve a call. Not only can we ensure that your home is protected, but you'll know the siding is installed correctly so you have nothing to worry about. HardiePlank® is a great choice for any type of home throughout Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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