As your home remodel is almost completed, you look around the room and admire the charismatic cabinets, eye-catching hardware, and freshly painted walls.

And then you notice the windows.

They are looking old and are possibly ready to be put to rest. You decide on new windows, but where do you start with all the different choices available?

Budgeting and Costs for Replacement Windows There are a variety of materials windows are made of, such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Typically, the most expensive choice is wood. Popular for its affordability is vinyl. It is always beneficial to do your research and plan out a budget with any of the materials. Choosing the Best Material for Your New Windows Each material has its pros and cons.  Windows that are fiberglass offer durability, longevity, and maintenance-free beauty, but they are more expensive than vinyl windows, which are also maintenance-free. Wood windows give customization options that are endless and hold beauty that is classically natural. When choosing what material to use, always have in mind energy efficiency. Make an investment in windows that will reduce the energy you use. Window Design and Style Most styles are available in the different materials. There is a wide variety of style for new windows that meet your personality. Some favorites that are timeless include double hung, bay, casement, and awning. Casement windows are generally the most energy-efficient of all the operable windows. For an excellent source of natural colors and lighting by the glass space being increased on the wall, choose double hung windows. Bow and bay windows give you a feeling that is open.  Slider windows have a modern look to them and work well in spots where you don't have the clearance to open a casement window. Complement Your Home with Color There is no right or wrong with paint or stain colors for window frame finish, only preference and taste. Complexity, charm, and formality come from dark colors. Ambiance, vividness, and energy come out of light colors. Look at designs that exist for inspiration.  You can choose colors that contrast with your siding color, or pick one that is in the same color family if you're going for an overall blendedlook. Options of Glass and Energy Efficiency With old windows, it's common to have leaking air, which is increasing your energy bill. Think of double pane glass (or even triple pane) for to help keep the air in. Heat transfer can be reduced with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating. Contractor Installation or DIY? Should you install those new windows yourself or hire professionals? How well those windows work depends on proper installation.  Having windows installed professionally ensures lasting beauty and utility for many years. For a window replacement installation experience that is exceptional, contact Quarve Contracting. Andersen, Marvin, and Ply Gem are just a few manufacturers we recommend.