Having a project done on your roof can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right roofing contractor can add to the pressure. How do you choose? 

There are so many contractors in your area that can do the job in your time frame and budget, but they differ with quality, material, price, etc. Utilizing the right resources can help you find the contractor that is right for the job. Consider these essentials when looking for your next roofing contractor.

1. Utilize Available Resources The most convenient resource available is the internet. Websites such as Angie’s List, Houzz, and Google+ open up a huge database full of professionals from all over. Customers leave reviews you can read and assessments of the work they performed so you can compare them to other roofing contractors. There are filters you can use with Angie’s List for sorting by performance score, price, or proximity. This helps to narrow down your choice. 2. Reliable Contractors After finding possible contractors online, one of the best ways of finding out if they fit your aesthetic and home needs is asking family, friends, and neighbors. Finding out if a contractor is reliable or not can be done by learning about their previous jobs with past customers. Ask people at your job to help narrow your possible contractor choice. You may possibly be able to save some money in the process. Many contractors offer discounts when referred by a former customer. If you like the look of a neighbor's roof, inquire about who the contractor was.  Check with your local lumberyard to see if they can recommend someone.  And by all means, verify licensing for those contractors you're considering. 3. Project Quality Last but not least, quality of the project. The best possible way to know about the quality of work a specific contractor performs is by seeing it yourself. Find out where previous roofing projects were done, and go look at them. If a friend has used this contractor before, visit their house to inquire about the material they used.  Reputable contractors will happily give you references you can follow up on. After you have finished looking at these three essentials, you should have the right contractor picked out for your roofing job. When looking for reliable quality service, contact Quarve Contracting in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.  We've been helping Twin Cities homeowners keep a roof over their heads for more than 30 years, and you're welcome to check with our customers on how we did.