Summer is an awesome time to boost the property value of your home by doing some home improvement projects you might have been putting off all year.

The weather is great for working outdoors, which means it's the perfect time to give your home a boost in value and beauty.

There are several things you can tackle to boost the beauty of your home, but if you are a homeowner that is budget-minded then you know tackling projects to boost your property value, comfort, and energy efficiency should come first. Use this summer to do any (or all) of these.

Five Money-Boosting Home Improvement Projects Improve Your Siding:  Your home’s exterior plays a huge role of inducing a positive impression of the structure. When your home's siding is replaced you not only increase property value, but also protect your home from the elements. Cement fiber siding is rated as one of the leading solutions compared to all the siding options according to Remodeling Magazine. There is a low amount of maintenance needed and resale value increases up to 78%.  Steel siding is also a great choice if you're looking to cut down on exterior home upkeep. Energy-Efficient Windows Upgrade:  You do not want your energy bills going up along with the temperature, you want your environment to remain cool. Air is prevented from leaking with tightly sealed energy efficient windows. Having these windows stops heat from entering your home from the outside in the summer, but in winter they prevent heat loss, according to Department of Energy. New Deck:  An excellent way to enhance your home's appeal is adding a deck to your backyard. This give more space for your family to socialize and relax in the summer. If the deck is done properly, when selling your home, up to 80% of your investment can be recouped. Mini-Makeover in Kitchen:  You do not need to do a kitchen makeover that is major. You can just focus on replacing your appliances for new energy efficient ones that will save money, and improve utility and appeal of the kitchen. For example, a dishwasher that carries the EnergyStar rating can save over 1,600 gallons of water in its lifetime. A New Paint Job: Finally, re-painting a room or even the entire interior of your home gives it an upscale and new look that buyers are attracted to. While painting doesn't add value to your property, it does make it easier to sell, since it's more attractive.  If you've got wood exterior siding that's looking a little forlorn, perhaps it's time for a new paint job.  If you do not plan on selling, it is nice to have a little fun and change. If you need assistance with any exterior home remodeling projects, contact us at Quarve Contracting.  We offer a wide range of exterior home improvement services for homes in the Minneapolis an St. Paul area, as well as western Wisconsin.