When living in a climate like ours here in Minnesota that goes through four seasons and has extremes in both temperature and humidity, what home siding should you choose?

Consider these six factors when comparing all the different choices available in vinyl as well as other options:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Unforeseen Costs
  • Energy Savings
We'll cover the first three in this post.  Look for Part 2, where we'll discuss the others. Siding Choice Considerations Aesthetics:  With a new alluring and vivacious color of siding, would your spirits lifted when looking at your home? How is the curb appeal? You've got lots of design and color options, in addition to choices of material.  When you're looking at siding, you should steer toward something you're drawn to in terms of appearance.  But then consider how it will look on your home.  Will it go with your roof's color?  Does it complement the style of your home? Durability:  With the material chosen, what lifespan is anticipated? Exterior siding lifespans vary from a couple of decades to over 50 years, possibly more.  If you don't plan on staying in this home very long, this may not be a major consideration.  But if your intention is to remain in this house indefinitely, you might want to consider the longest-lasting siding product you can afford.

The warranty's length usually reflects the exterior material's durability. Experts from Homeadvisor.com recommend vinyls that are thicker, at least .048 inches, for maximum resistance against wind and moisture, energy efficiency that is optimized, and resistance to weather extremes—all of which has a direct affect for the longevity of siding.  Some siding products hold up better to our weather than others.  For example, fiber cement siding is engineered for our climate, and seamless steel siding resists about everything the environment can throw at it.  Balls flying astray during street baseball are able to shatter vinyl that is brittle and leave marks that are visible on your home’s exterior.  Same thing with hail.

Maintenance:  When it comes to keeping the original color vibrant thought the years, will a yearly power wash and soap and water be enough for cleaning the siding? If you're choosing vinyl, nquire whether or not the materials have UV protection.  Vinyls that are thicker and higher grade are now available, but not having UV protection means it may fade over time and become brittle. Additionally, aluminum siding shows dents and the color may become chalky over time. A fallen branch or vehicle bumping wood amalgams can also show damage.  Some siding products need more care than others, so ask about maintenance. When you're considering a face lift for the outside of your home, speak with us here at Window Outfitters and make sure you get the best siding you could ask for.  We install seamless steel, James Hardie fiber cement, and top-quality vinyl siding in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  Check us out on Pinterest for a look at some of Our Siding Products.