Choosing the right siding for your home is crucial, so knowing what to look at when you're shopping for the right siding is important. In our previous post we covered Aesthetics, Durability, and Maintenance.  Here are some follow up aspects to consider, in addition to what we covered in the first part of this series.  (Click here to read the Part 1.) Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Siding Warranty:   How many years is the material guaranteed for by the manufacturer? If there is a lifetime warranty, is it transferable to new owners? What type of protection does the warranty have written in it for incidental damages or everyday wear? If these factors are not included in the warranty, think about possible insurance that would.  Also check to see whether the warranty covers installation or jut material replacement. And then check with your siding installation contractor to see what kind of workmanship warranty they provide. Unforeseen Costs:  How much more will it cost per linear foot for insulation if it's needed? Some newer siding products may be made with the insulation attached to the side facing the house, or as a base layer that is form-fitted to the siding.  If not in the quoted price, you will want the costs added for installation.

And there may be additional charges for shipping with products that are heavier, so ask whether freight is included or gets added on.

Some older homes and some materials, will need expert insulation and call for the use of protective wear and cutting tools that are special. This will be a factor for the overall cost.  And if your old siding is being torn off, there may be an additional charge for a dumpster.

Energy Savings:  Are there any benefits of energy saving, though insulation that is improved or in the makeup of the siding itself to make it more effective cost wise in the long run? Choices of insulation directly affect costs and energy savings. Discuss all of this with your contractor.  The material supplier and industry experts can also give advice how you can achieve optimal efficiency for your climate and region.  To ensure accuracy of the savings projected, consult utility companies or structural engineers that offer people energy audits.

For any questions regarding exterior siding or to get a free estimate for siding installation on your home, contact Quarve Contracting! We can install the siding that you love, want and need and ensure that it fits you and your home perfectly.  We offer a variety of siding choices.