Even though asphalt shingles remain the traditional favorite, metal roofs are quickly becoming the #1 choice for homes in Minnesota. 

If you've looked into getting a metal roof, you've probably already found out that metal will cost more than some other options.  So before you make your choice, you need to decide if the cost is worth it to you.

Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Roof

Before you decide on any roofing material, including metal, there are questions you should ask yourself:

1. Are your plans to stay in your home in the future as far as you can see?

If the answer to this is “no”, then a metal roof might not be worth the cost. Beyond the roof's natural characteristics (performance, eco-friendly, style and color choices, durability, etc.) one of the features that is most attractive is a metal roof's lifespan. The majority of metal roofs last at least 50 years or more.  That's more than double an asphalt roof.  If you plan on leaving your home soon, choose something economical and save money. Before it will need replacing (and not being metal means it will), the problem will be someone else’s.

But if you plan on staying in your home indefinitely, a metal roof could be a wise investment, since you'll never need another.

2. Are factors such as longevity, eco-friendly, aesthetics, and performance of importance to you?

If your only goal is to get a roof up there to keep out the elements, a metal roof upgrade probably isn't worth it to you. However, if you are proud of your house and your roof quality matters, then take time to look at roofing that is metal. No other roofing materials compare in terms of longevity, safety, green factor, good looks, energy-efficiency, maintenance, and resilience.

3. Will you consider a larger investment up-front, or is the initial out-of-pocket cost a top concern? 

There are two ways to look at the cost:  What the price is for installation, and what the long-term cost of your roof over time will be.  Remember, metal roofing most likely will not require replacement or repairs for the rest of the time you reside in that home.  And over time you'll save money on things like homeowner's insurance (many companies offer discounts for homes that have metal roofs, since they are fire resistant).

But if your only consideration is initial price, again, a metal roof is probably not for you. Metal roofs cost more than most roofing materials, but you get a high-performing, great-looking roof for the trade-off that will likely not need and replacement or repairs for over 50 years. With a life this, the cost of a metal roof over time is actually less than other options for roofing that would require replacement.

Imagine this:  You purchase a new metal roof for approximately $30,000 for insulation and materials. Asphalt would cost about $10,000, but asphalt will need replacing in about 10-20 years. When it gets replaced (in 15 years labor cost usually doubles), you will pay over $20,000, or even more since that old roof may have to be torn off first. Now this is more than you would of spent on the metal roof, and would of not had to deal with re-roofing twice.

So is a metal roof worth the cost? 

Ask yourself these three questions first.  If the answer to all three questions is yes, call Quarve Contracting in MN., for an estimate for a new metal roof system. It will definitely be worth it.