Looking to sell your home? Or are you seeking to further improve your home to get a better resale value later on down the road?

When you bought your home, you probably planned on staying in it for awhile, if not forever. But many life events can happen that make you want to move out of your home and therefore sell it.

With the market the way that it is, you of course want to get the most value from your home as possible when you sell it. Doing these five simple improvements can greatly increase the value of your home so you can get the maximum amount of money from your sale.

  • Replacing old appliances can greatly increase the value of your home, as well as the amount of potential buyers that are coming to check out your home. Having new appliances over those that look like they have seen better days will help you achieve a great selling price. Buying new appliances can seem like a cost that is not worth paying out of pocket, but once your home sells you will be reimbursed for that amount plus more.  Look for energy-efficient models; they're the most popular with home buyers these days.
  • Updating the bathrooms in your home can be as simple as making sure there are working sinks, toilets, and showers. You could also put in some new fixtures to give it a high end feel, or repaint the walls to give it a fresh new look.  Again, energy efficient features like low-flow toilets and shower heads are a big draw.  And adding storage is also a big plus.
  • Replacing old windows gives you a huge selling point for any potential home buyer. Newer windows usually mean lower utility costs for the new homeowner. You can also choose different window styles that might brighten up spaces of your home, making the house look more appealing.  Curb appeal is everything.  Potential buyers never make it in the front door if they don't like what they see when they drive up.
  • Varnishing floors will greatly improve the spaces inside your home. It will give dull floors a shine that is sure to catch a potential buyers' eye, plus using polyurethane on your floors will help fend off any potential damages. It sounds like it can be costly, but the tools needed to do this are generally inexpensive and  are readily available at hardware stores around you.
  • Repairing a damaged roof is one of the most important things you can do for your home's value. Even if it is a small fix, a lot of buyers will look at it as more money coming from them and may even turn away from your home's listing. If your roof is older, you might want to think about replacing it entirely. Once your house sells you will, again, be compensated for the amount and some.
Improving your home's value does not have to mean an overhaul of the entire house. It can be as simple as sprucing up the main selling points that potential buyers look into. Even doing one of five things suggested here can help get you more money when your home sells.

Speak with us here at Quarve to make sure that your home is in the best shape possible so that it shines on the housing market and you can get the most return out of your investment.  We can install a number of exterior home improvement items that have a high return on investment, such as energy-efficient windows, James Hardie fiber cement siding, and quality exterior entry doors.

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