As people get older, they sometimes get face lifts to boost their appearance and reduce the signs of aging.

Homes could use that kind of treatment, too. 

Your home's appearance - both indoors and out - should promote a feeling of stunning beauty. A house is judged by the majority of people from its aesthetics on the exterior. Your home should give off charisma and confidence that fully enchants a friend, potential buyer, and yourself.

There is a wide range of ways to enhance your home’s exterior. Here are four of them that are sure to captivate your visitor’s eyes.

Consider Re-Siding Your Home Siding works to protect your home against the elements. Siding can crack, discolor, or loosen after time due to being exposed constantly to inclement weathers and other hazards. Not only does your home’s exterior look better, the building structures integrity is safeguarded when you replace your homes siding. Additionally, when reselling your home that has been re-sided there is economic benefits.

The average homeowner recoups approximately 72.9 % in costs for vinyl siding replacement, 79.3 % for fiber cement siding costs for replacement, and 71.8 % replacement costs for vinyl siding which is foam-backed.  And one of the best investments is seamless steel siding - it's maintenance-free and incredibly durable.  And what's more, it's beautiful.

Perhaps A New Front Door The first thing most people notice about a house is the front door.  Replacing your front entry door is one of the most economical things you can do, yet it's at the top of the list for home improvements that deliver an excellent return on investment.  Choose a maintenance-free, energy-efficient exterior door and you'll be saving money as well. Redesign Your Outdoor Living With a Porch, Deck, or Patio Add an area with outdoor beauty to extend your living space. You can choose a deck, a porch, or  patio.  Your home will look both more relaxing and spacious with this perfect addition. To make it look and feel inviting, add some comfortable furniture such as tables or chairs.  Adding a pergola or some other type of covering to a deck or patio will make it even more attractive as well as useful Window Accessories are a Great Way to Enhance There is no need to redo your home's windows for exterior enhancement. Window accessories such as window awnings are a perfect way to highlight your windows while improving your home's energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy states there is a reduction between 65% to 77% in solar heat gain with window awnings.  Other ways to accent your windows include flower-filled window boxes and shutters in a contrasting color. No matter what project you choose to enhance your home’s exterior, talk to us here at Quarve.  As a licensed MN exterior home improvement company, we can install new siding, a new entry door, or replacement windows if yours need more than a little accessorizing.  We've got lots of energy-efficient exterior home remodeling solutions for homeowners in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area.