Has it been awhile since you have last checked to see how your gutters were working?

It might be a good idea to check them before your home is pelted with the impending fall rains and the snows of another Minnesota winter.

Working gutters are important to your home’s safety. They are what redirects rain water and melting snow off your roof and away from your home. Due to their important role, you want to make sure that they are strong and will hold up. Sometimes they just need to be tightened or cleaned out, but if they're leaking, that usually means replacing the old gutters.

Just ask yourself these four questions when you are considering replacing your home’s gutters. Are There any Signs of Water Damage? 

If there are signs of water damage on your home, unless it's due to a leaky roof, there is a good chance that something went awry in your gutter system. If there is apparent water damage, inspect your gutters to see if there is just a clog or if the area needs to be replaced completely.

Are the Fasteners Intact?

A sagging gutter system or gutters that are hanging more forward than they are back towards your roof is a simple observation that might mean that your gutters are missing fasteners.  While this could be a simple repair if it is caught in its early stages, it could lead to a replacement if the sagging has damaged the gutters.

Do You See More Obvious Signs of Deterioration?

There are a few other things to look for when inspecting your gutters to determine if they need a replacing. One sign is if you see obvious rust. This calls for immediate attention. If your gutters are rotting, splitting, or leaking then your gutters are probably beyond repair and call for a replacement. These things mean your gutters aren't handling the water runoff they way they were designed to; this could be severely damaging to your home if left untreated.

How Old Are My Gutters?

While many gutter systems made from aluminum have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years, this is usually the life expectancy with proper care and maintenance. Some homes around the Minneapolis area have more economical vinyl gutters, but they're usually only good for 10 years, and they don't hold up well to our heavy snow.

If your gutters are pushing twenty years and they have any of the other problems, chances are it might be time to replace your system.  One good guideline is that with proper maintenance, your gutters will last as long as your asphalt roof will, so if you've having your roof replaced, you should have your roofing contractor install new gutters at the same time.

If it's time for new gutters, contact the professionals at Quarve Contracting today. We aim to provide the highest quality in exterior remodeling services for your home.  Installing seamless gutters is just one of our home improvement services.