What's keeping you from getting the best roof possible for homes in Minnesota?

If you have not tried a metal roof due to fear of it being unsightly, you might just need to look around your neighborhood and do a little research.  If you look closely, you may find that some of your neighbors have already made the switch.

Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and styles, and you are able to create a roof you have been dreaming about with its process of flexible customization. But there is more than just beauty people find they love about a metal roof, like its performance. Metal roofs do not lose their great looks over time, like slate and asphalt shingles, and metal roofs have no problem outdoing them in every season and climate - even here in the Minneapolis area.

One:  Metal Roofs Are Energy-Efficient All Year Long The Metal Roofing Alliance has stated metal roofs are emissive and highly reflective, allowing you to save approximately 40% in cooling costs in summer. And in winter, metal roofs guard against infiltration of cold air by acting as a natural insulator, which in turn lowers heating costs. Two:  Metal Roofs Are Tough against the Elements and Wind Metal roofs are durable, strong, and tough. These roofs can withstand winds up to 140 mph. No matter whether the forecast is for hail or a blizzard you can rest assured your roof will shield you from these storms. Due to metal roofs being immune to rust, mold, and mildew, they are a perfect choice to tolerate both heavy springtime showers and winter storms with reliability and assurance. Three:  Metal Roofs Are Impressive Against Snow, Rain, and Debris Let’s not forget the time of year when “stuff” begins to land on top of your roof, autumn. A metal roof will collect some twigs, and leaves, and with such a smooth structure rain will easily push any of these natural elements off. Ice is prevented from building up during winter and damaging your home's gutter with a metal roof. Natural debris and snow is easily rid of to keep your home's roof healthy and lasting for many years to come. Four:  Metal Roofs Adapt Easily to Temperature Change Changing temperatures do not make metal roofs expand or contract like asphalt shingles and other materials for roofing. Instead of breaking, chipping, or cracking with different temperatures, metal roofs adapt easily, unlike other roofing materials. The result is a roof that lasts two to three times longer than a shingle roof.

Loved everywhere for their long lifespan, metal roofs are known to recoup  value up to 95%of your investment when you sell your home, and often giving you a nice insurance discount in the meantime, since they're nonflammable.

Metal roofs are great for every season, weather, and temperature. They are your year-round Minnesota roofing solution.  Check out our FAQ's about metal roofing for more specifics.

Quarve Contracting in MN has experts that are here to handle all your roofing needs.  As a licensed MN roofing contractor, we've been providing roofing in the Minneapolis area for over three decades.  We specialize in metal roofing.  Give us a call today for a free roof inspection and estimate.