In today’s world we are surrounded by such a hectic society. Wherever you turn, there's probably a deadline you're facing.  10oct13c3a15Like many people in our society,  you may be running from one job estimate, kid’s activity or meeting to another.  As you already know, deadlines seem to be in our everyday life day after day. Deadlines may push you, but if you're thinking about a home remodeling project, having clear deadlines will help to make things go smoothly.

Getting started on remodeling often is very exciting; we know people like to see their ideas come to life.  But once the project gets rolling, there's a potential for things to quickly get out of hand.

Perhaps you're aware of a project where the demolition portion was complete, then the homeowner was stuck because they had to wait on materials or items that were specially ordered to arrive.  We know this can be very frustrating - you've probably heard stories from some of your friends and neighbors.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Planning a home improvement project timeline involves trying to determine an end date as well as identifying the many steps that are needed to ensure that these targets are met.

The following are some tips on keeping your remodeling project on schedule.

The main tip is to work closely with your contractor and insist on good communication, both at the initial meeting and then throughout the project.

  • Have a very clear and to-the-point conversation with your contractor about the plan and the scheduled events within the timeline.  Ask questions like, will they be working on another job as well as working on yours; if so, make sure that you are very clear on your timeline.  If there is a specific reason why you need the construction completed by a specific date, let your contractor know about this.
  • Keep in mind the project actually does not start when the hammer hits the wall. In reality, the remodeling project starts weeks or even months before this point. The more detailed the initial planning, the smoother things generally go.
  • You might be anxious to get started, but your contractor could be waiting until all of the necessary materials are in before starting demolition, so when it is done being torn apart it can be put back together fairly quickly.
  • Remember that last-minute changes will affect your project's timeline.  Even the simplest thing could throw the schedule off, so keeping these types of changes to a minimum will help ensure that the job is finished on time.
  • Allow a little flexibility.  No remodeling project has ever been done without some sort of surprise,so trying to anticipate these issues beforehand will also keep timelines in order.
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