In the past few months the news has been full of reports of wild fires across the nation.  While most of those fires have been far from the Minneapolis area, some homeowners in the Twin Cities have been concerned about the safety of their homes in case of fire.

These news reports have heightened our awareness of just how important safety considerations have become when building and remodeling homes.

The most effective part of your home to consider (when thinking about fire prevention) is the roof. 10oct20a1a15Your roof is your home's first line of protection against fire.  During what is considered to be a firestorm, your home may catch on fire in a variety of ways.  Taking the proper steps to protect your roof from that fire is a key aspect.

Other considerations include fire-resistant sidewalls and keeping grass and shrubbery away from the house, as well as keeping any wood or other flammable debris clear within a the immediate perimeter of your home. These - as well as many other preventive measures - are very important components to keeping your home safe from a fire hazard.

However, the number one investment that you can make for your home as well as the safety of your family is to protect your roof from catching fire.

Your Home, Common Roofing Materials, and Fire

Even though both organic asphalt shingles and wood shake roofs are very popular, they do not adequately protect you or your home from fire.  In fact, most homeowners who do have a wooden roof installed end up paying very high insurance premiums due to this.  And organic asphalt roofing is highly flammable.

The idea of having a roof that is durable yet also fire safe is not a new concept.  Many of the tile roofing products that are used are indeed fire safe but they have significant disadvantages to them.  The tile products that are used are very heavy and have a huge cave-in risk attached to them in the event that an interior fire may happen or even seismic activity.  Fire fighters are trained not to enter a building if the roofing is constructed out of tile product if it is on fire, due to this high risk of a cave-in.

Metal Roofing:  Safe, Environmentally Responsible, and Fire-Resistant

Quarve Contracting is the Minneapolis and St. Paul area leader in installing fire-safe roofs for residential applications.  Our metal roofing products are on average 1/20th the weight of most of the tile products on the market and eligible for Class A, B, or C fire ratings. In addition to being fire resistant, metal roofing systems also carry the extra advantage of being made from a high proportion of recycled materials. When used for a replacement roof, many of the metal roofing  products can often be installed right over old roofing. . .saving the cost of tear-off as well as buildup of roofing debris in our landfills.

If you're considering a fire resistant roofing material, speak with us here at Quarve. We can provide the highest in quality metal roofing materials and expert professional roofing installation.  We serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including Stillwater (55082) and surrounding communities.