With another Minnesota winter coming on - one that's predicted to be warmer yet wetter, have you checked out your gutters?

Gutters are crucial for drainage and irrigation along with protection your home from exposure to rain, ice, and snow. Consequences of failing gutters can many times be drastic. Some results failing gutters include":

  • leaks
  • infiltration of moisture into the home
  • structural damage
  • foundational compromise
We strongly encourage homeowners in the Minneapolis area to take all preventative measures necessary to ensure their gutters work properly. Here are three sure-fire ways to assure you continue to have properly functioning gutters. Be Sure Your Gutters are Secure

'Spike and ferrule' is a gutter technique which refers to old gutters usually, older than 15 years, which were nailed in using a large spike. This has proved to be a failure, and the installation technique also makes your gutters more vulnerable to damage in winter when ice and heavy snow accumulates. Thus, it is recommended all gutters installed using this method either be replaced or repaired by attached to fascia board. Installing and maintaining gutters with this method has been proven to enable to endure the pressure and weight of heavy precipitation.

Regularly Clear the Gutters

Leaves and debris accumulate easily in gutters. After time these materials begin to compound and the gutters can be weighed down after becoming saturating from moisture from snow, ice, sleet, and rain. Extensive pressure is placed on your gutters when debris isn't removed, making them vulnerable for failure. In addition, ice and snow can also warp gutters from contraction and expansion when temperatures fluctuate below and above freezing.

Be sure your gutters are always cleared out regularly.  We recommend cleaning them in the fall when the leaves are done falling, and then again in the spring after winter is over. Inspect Your Roof Shingles

A gutter's functionality can be compromised from torn or removed shingles. This is due to the creation of an area that which allows water to infiltrate under the roofing, avoiding the gutters. Shingles which are close to your gutter system do not allow water  to trickle naturally into gutters, collect and then drain. Instead the snow, ice, and water pools in the affected area, creating a stoppage in the gutter. This can cause gutter failure.

In addition, shingles which aren't firmly attached may fall into gutters, creating an obstruction.  After ice or snow storms, we recommend that you visually inspect your roof to be sure all shingles are in place properly.

To maintain properly functioning gutters, it is crucial to regularly inspect your gutters to be sure they are clear of debris and secure.  Also keep an eye on your roof shingles.

Not sure if your gutters can withstand another Minnesota winter?  Contact Quarve Contracting today to speak to one of our gutter experts!

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