Do builders and owners of tiny houses know something you don't?

The tiny house movement is one of the most exciting developments in residential housing, and it's catching on coast to coast.

Tiny home owners are concerned with maximizing the function of each item that goes into building the house, as well as minimizing energy use and overall cost.  By an overwhelming majority, those who construct tiny homes are choosing metal roofing.

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for any house, especially a tiny house. The many benefits include:10oct29a1a15

  • light weight
  • wind resistance
  • energy efficiency
  • fire safety
  • longevity
  • high-end beauty
All these characteristics blend well with the desires and goals of most homeowners no matter what size the house. A Metal Roof Is Low Weight

Surprisingly light, the weight of metal roofing can be less than ½ pound per square foot. This allows for installation over most existing roofs. Also, transportation cost of the roofing material is minimized due to its low weight.

A Metal Roof Provides Fire Safety

Metal roofs will not spark or burn because they are non-combustible. These roofs are by far the best roofs for areas that are fire-prone, such as highly wooded or dry areas.

A Metal Roof Offers Longevity and Durability

Asphalt roofs need re-roofing after 12-20 years, with the average being 17 years. This is due to asphalt roofing beginning to deteriorate right after it is installed on your roof. The sun’s rays and normal weather add to its deterioration. However, metal roofs do not decompose.

Unlike asphalt and other styles of roofs, metal roofs can withstand high winds up to 140 mph and almost anything Mother Nature throws its way, including hail. Metal roofs last an amazing 40-50 years (or more).

A Metal Roof Is Energy Efficient

Metal roofs have reflective energy efficiency. They have the ability to keep structures cooler in warmer months, and warmer in cooler months naturally. This can be an advantage if building a tiny house with a loft or if your home has an attic. These temperatures are lowered by up to 34%. Metal roofs are great insulators, too - energy costs can be reduced up to an average of 20%.

A Metal Roof Offers High-End Beauty

Metal roofing not only gives you all these benefits but it also gives your home the beauty and style you desire. With a new metal roof, you'll find your home's transformation will be incredible.

Metal roofing style options are basically endless with a wide variety of textures and shapes, as well as just about color you can imagine.

It is possible to get a metal roof that resembles wood or other roofing materials such as slate or even asphalt shingles, if that's your desire.

Talk of the Town

Tiny houses are getting a lot of attention these days.  But even if it's not on a tiny house, your metal roof will be the talk of the neighborhood.

If you're interested in finding out more about metal roofing for your home, contact Quarve Contracting today for a free estimate!  We are a licensed MN roofing contractor, and we specialize in installation of metal roofs in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.