Have you got checking your attic ventilation on your fall to-do list?  You should, and here's why.  For moisture and temperature levels in the attic space to be balanced, you need an optimized ventilation system. Accurate ventilation:
  • Helps avoid buildup of moisture in winter, which may lead to wood rot, mildew, mold, and air quality indoors being poor. It help is avoiding ice dam formations as well.
  • Helps avoid buildup of heat in summer, enhancing your home's inside comfort level, while reducing costs of air conditioning, and prolonging the life of your roofing material.
  • It is an essential component when validating most shingle warranty terms.
Typical attic fan Typical attic fan Roof Maintenance for Fall: Attic Ventilation Examination

An accurately vented attic is key in maintaining the roofing health, and extending your roof's lifespan. Having an attic ventilation examination performed in the fall helps avoid larger problems throughout winter and when performing roofing maintenance in fall, this should be a crucial part.

For an assessment that is successful for your attic ventilation, follow these tips:
  • First, you want to check for signs of dampness in your attic. Ceilings having condensation, soggy insulation, moldy odors, or vents with rust around them are often signs of inadequate ventilation.
  • Next, clear debris and dirt away from all vents in the attic. Be sure there are no vents blocked with item stored in your attic such as boxes. You will want to also look for any signs of rodents or bird nests.
  • Check to be sure all vents in your attic are open, no matter what season. An attic that is ventilated accurately needs to be somewhat drafty throughout the winter months, even though it may sound counter-intuitive.
  • Any and all attic fans need to be checked to verify that their blades are able to freely turn. When doing this use caution; most fan blades tend to be sharp.
This is the perfect time to be sure there is a sufficient amount of ventilation in the attic in your home. Have your MN roofing contractor check to be sure the vent space is sufficient. A piece of healthy roofing systems that is overlooked often is attic ventilation. Therefore, it is crucial for your attic to be properly ventilated.  If repairs or additional ventilation is needed, now is the time to get it taken care of so your roof is ready for another Minnesota winter. Make sure your home is ready for the season ahead - contact Quarve Contracting today to arrange for a comprehensive roof inspection!  We are a licensed MN roofing company serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  We install both asphalt and metal roofing.