If you've looked into metal roofing for your home, you may already know that this exceptional roof solution comes in a variety of styles.  That gives you flexibility in terms of design options.

As many home improvement professionals know, versatility is definitely a popular characteristic. But that's just one benefit of a metal roof.

2015-11-03_1610Those in the know about roofing also talk about energy efficiency, durability, and longevity when they speak of metal roofs.  For example, metal roofing can last two to three time longer than any asphalt shingle roofing.  While metal roofing lasts longer than asphalt, it also demonstrates an exceptional solar reflectance as well as thermal emissivity in order to reduce your cooling bill by as much as 40%.  Not only is metal roofing loved by many homeowners, but it is very popular among buyers as well.

Why?  Metal roofing is impervious to mildew, rust, as well as mold and it is also fire retardant therefore increasing the resale value of the home.  It has been designed to harmonize with any building with a colonial, contemporary, and/or historic flair.   Metal roofing has also been designed to artistically enhance your home with an excess of styles as well as colors.  In order to help you the homeowner understand the versatility as well as the distinctive purposes of metal roofing, in this post we have chosen to compare two enduring metal roofing styles such as metal slate and metal shake.

Metal Slate Roofing Metal slate roofing was first introduced in order to alleviate many of the problems that a traditional slate roof endured.  Unlike the traditional slate roofing which weighed between 9 and 25 pounds a square foot, metal slate only weighs about 7 pounds a square foot, which makes it much lighter than genuine slate roofing.  Metal slate roofing is also designed with a coating of textures as well as patterns that fully capture that old world style at much less of an expense.  Consider this - a traditional slate roof can be five times more expensive than a metal slate roof, giving you considerably less return on your investment. Metal Shake Roofing Conventional shake roofing or wood shingle roofing is commonly made from types of wood such as the cypress, western red cedar, as well as redwood.  Although these types of wood are appreciated for their dimensional consistency as well as their defect-free straight grain, they are very prone to weathering as well as chipping and/or cracking and even may lodge light growths of mildew and molds.   The main purpose that metal shake roofing was introduced was to recreate that classic style of the traditional cedar roofing minus any of the weaknesses.  Most of the metal shake roofing styles are engineered with a well balanced, multi-tone of colors that emulate that natural and weathered look. Metal Slates and Metal Shakes – Different Designs, Same Great Strengths Metal slate as well as Metal shake roofing was created in order to introduce the energy efficiency, longevity, as well as the strength of metal.  The design is the only difference between these two roofing styles.  Generally, metal shake is designed with a more blended color tone, while metal slate focuses more on the spreads and texture of the shades of colors in the individual slates.

Both of these roofing styles are attractive as well as beautiful and will enhance any Minnesota home.  What it comes down to is your individual taste as well as what you may need.  Here at Quarve Contracting, we install metal roofing in a variety of profiles that include shake, slate, and shingle.  To find out more about having metal roofing installed on your home, call us today for a free consultation.

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