As winter approaches here in the Minneapolis area, many homeowners start to think about exterior remodeling come spring.  After all, the cold weather is great for staying indoors and daydreaming about the warmer seasons to come.

Are you daydreaming about wood building products to spruce up your home's exterior?

Take a break, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and consider vinyl for just a moment. 

While wood is considered to be a timeless material to use in your home, finding high-quality wood can be very rare as well as being very expensive.  Keep in mind that a low-quality wood or even mediocre wood can cost almost as much as the good stuff, yet without any of the actual benefits that top quality wood products may deliver.

If you want your home looking attractive, yet you do not want to spend a fortune on remodeling, consider vinyl as the right path to follow. 

Vinyl is a very affordable material that has fantastic customization flexibility in order to meet your very unique taste.  In today’s market vinyl for exterior home remodeling has been growing with great popularity as well as being very reliable.  So stop daydreaming about that very expensive wood and give vinyl a try.

Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1950’s as an alternative to aluminum siding.  It fell out of popularity for awhile as newer siding products replaced it, but this fabulous siding is making its comeback.  Currently it is holding 32% of the US siding market for new homes.

Installing vinyl siding has been said to be cheaper as well as less time consuming than installing siding such as cedar and redwood.  A mid-grade vinyl siding costs about $1.60 a square foot installed, plus the cost of trim and accessories.  On the other hand, the installation of a mid-grade cedar clapboard that does not include trim or paint that is necessary will cost 2.5 times higher.

Besides costs, another key feature is that vinyl siding is less likely to trap moisture than wood siding.

We install several different siding products.  Royal Woodland 16 comes in 11 popular standard colors as well as in 14 deep, UV resistant colors.  If you are looking for that authentic wood appearance check out what Quest Vinyl Siding from Mastic has to offer.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

If you just can’t part from genuine wood, you will be happy to know that high quality vinyl windows as well as doors can be produced to seamlessly emulate the appearance of that wood that you absolutely love. But, unlike wood where you have to repaint it quite frequently, the color that is on a vinyl window or door will remain sharp up to 20 years; now that’s a lot of time saved, not to mention the cost of repainting or re-staining.

Vinyl windows as well as vinyl doors are energy efficient due to their natural resistance to heat flow and transmission. They come with R-values from a moderate to high value, while vinyl windows are available in double pane for that extra secured seal.  Vinyl windows also come in an almost endless combination of shapes and sizes for any taste such as bay, bow, double hung, as well as casement. If you are interested in vinyl windows, check out what Ply Gem vinyl windows have to offer - you will not be disappointed.  We love these windows so much we put them in our own home.

We Can Help You Go with Vinyl for your MN Home

Vinyl opens the way for you the homeowner to enjoy an affordable as well as beautiful home.  In addition to its economical cost, vinyl offers you the flexibility in personalizing that home to your own unique taste.  Check out our Pinterest board to see just some of the options in Mastic vinyl siding.

Call Quarve to find out how we can set your home up with beautiful vinyl siding with an affordable price, or great vinyl windows from Ply Gem.