If you're considering residing your home, deciding what type of siding to go with is an important step. 

You know, you don't have to go with the same type of siding your home already has.  You can choose something different, but what?

12dec02b2a15James Hardie the siding pro is here and always happy to help!  You first and foremost want your choice to be aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and highly durable.  Now, this is quite a large order, but fortunately fiber cement siding from The James Hardie Company can fill that order rather nicely. What is Fiber Cement Siding? Fiber cement is an eco-friendly building material is constructed from cellulose, and cement, as well as sand.  It is mainly used on the exterior of homes, and it can be created to mimic stone, shingles, wood grain, as well as clapboard.

When you choose fiber cement siding you will get all the benefits of masonry as well as all the excellent aesthetics of wood.  Fiber cement siding is highly durable as well as beautiful; it has been approved for the use when renovating antique homes.

Fiber Cement Siding Benefits We have listed the five biggest benefits that a homeowner receives when choosing to use fiber cement siding:
  • Installation Ease – Each strip of this siding is pressed and then sealed in a factory.  All that the installer needs to do is the installation, along with applying a protective coat of exterior paint (unless prefinished siding is used).
  • Versatile Appearance – It is available in a wide range of textures, colors, shapes, as well as sizes.  It can easily be blended seamlessly in with the architectural style as well as other exterior colors of your home.
  • Strong and Durable – Fiber cement siding is manufactured to not easily fade or warp, even when put up against the harshest weather conditions.  It has a Class A fire resistance rating and is termite proof, as well as being rot resistant.
  • Best Value for Your Money – The price of fiber cement siding as well as the installation is about the same as installing a high quality vinyl siding, with one major difference – you are not wrapping your home in plastic!
  • Warranty Protection – If you choose a Hardie preferred siding contractor that is reputable and that is supplying as well as installing the fiber cement siding, it normally comes with a lifetime warranty that is associated with the renovation project.
If you are still unsure about what type of siding material is best for you, we happily invite you to visit our website for more information.  We've got a number of choices available.  Or, you may also contact us here at Quarve Contracting with any siding question and concerns that you may have. Quarve is a licensed MN exterior home remodeling company, and we install James Hardie fiber cement siding in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.