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Unlike what many people would like to believe, the first impression your home gives is not when you usher your guest into your living room.  Yes, of course that bay window and warm fireplace may give your home that upscale charm, but this effect does not replace the initial impression that your guests have established as they first get out of their car and see your home from the outside.

Is your front yard inviting?  Its good looks might be sabotaged with clutter - weeds, overgrown shrubs, tools and toys out of place.    Maybe your railings need some fresh paint or your steps need repairing.  Whatever the issue may be, those tiny exterior defects make your home look unattractive and make you look bad.  At times it is not completely your fault, either.  Perhaps what your home needs is some tender loving care.   Do not worry - here are three ways that you will be able to improve the look of the exterior of your home without the need for getting a loan or quitting your job to have time to do it yourself.

Creating an Inviting, Organized Space in Your Front Yard

The first thing your guests see when they come to your home is your front lawn. It is the part of your property that distinguishes it from the public sidewalk.  Start by de-cluttering your front lawn as well as your porch and area around your front steps.  Remove any gardening tools or any other miscellaneous items that are out and put them away out of sight.  Many times, just mowing your lawn and cleaning up that overgrowth in your shrubs and flower beds may recreate that lovely lawn that you dreamed of.

If you do not have a green thumb yourself, purchasing some potted plants will add some new color to your existing landscape; this will also enable you to place them around your walkway in order to establish a very attractive focal point.  Finish off this makeover by hanging some beautiful plants from your front porch ceiling; add some patio furniture, as well as adding some attractive garlands in order to beautify your entryway.

Repainting or Replacing Your Front Entry Door

If you are inspecting your home's and find that it is completely worn out, than a total makeover is probably in the foreseeable future.  However, in many cases you will find that only parts of your home may need refreshing.  Sections such as your fence, porch, or even your entry doors may just need a fresh coat of paint.  Placing paint on these sections will help in redefining points of interest as well as evoke new dimensions and fresh color contrasts. Many homeowners are coming to the conclusion that personalizing their front doors with unique colors gives their home a more powerful feel.

A second option (and one that will add value to your home, which paint won't) is to replace your front door with something completely different.  For instance, if you've got a solid front door, consider adding one with partial glass, or one that's surrounded by sidelights.  A beautiful new front door can totally change the look of the front of your home.  (To get some ideas, visit our Pinterest board.) Installing Replacement Windows

The windows are the eyes to your home - are they as dynamic and sparkling as you wish they could be?  Installing replacement windows that overlook your front yard will not only increase the view that you have from the inside of your home, but they will also enhance the view from the outside of your home as well.  Installing replacement windows that are energy efficient, ones that have attractive frames that will enhance those eyebrow dormers as well as improving your home’s overall energy saving performance, is a good way to make over your home's exterior appearance while providing more comfort in your home and saving you money on energy bills.  This is another home improvement project that can add value to your home.

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home does not need to cost you a bundle.  Many times it is the small changes that will make a huge difference in your home’s appearance.  Speak with us here at Quarve to let us help with the exterior remodeling you want to make on your home.  We are a licensed MN exterior home improvement contractor, and we can install new entry doors and replacement windows to beautify your home.  We also offer roofing and siding.