Okay, so you've heard us talk a lot about metal roofing.  But you still have questions about whether it's right for you.

We understand that.  Why do we recommend metal over asphalt?  And what are the benefits of metal roofing versus fiberglass shingles and such?

As many people already know, metal roofing costs more up front, so why should one invest in metal roofing?

Well, here are some questions to consider, as well as the answers that might help you evaluate metal roofing for your home.

Do you have any intention of giving or selling your home to someone close to you?

More and more homeowners are selling their homes to people they know, such as friends and or relatives. Some are even gifting a paid-off home to adult children.  In these instances it is better to leave them with a stress-free metal roof that is guaranteed to last, rather than an asphalt roof that will need to be replaced soon.

Do you plan to stay in your current home for a long or short period of time before you sell it?

If you are planning to stay in your home for at least 12-20 years, this is considered a re-roofing cycle. Depending on the age of your current roof, you may even end up replacing your roof twice in this time frame.  In this case a metal roof would be a better option, as re-roofing prices nearly double within each cycle.    If you're staying on your home for a shorter time period and you need to replace your roof soon, metal may still be the wisest choice - it increases the home's value and the number of possible buyers.

Is your house old or new?

Older houses tend to have a lot of weight issues, as the structural components have worn down over the years. The benefit of the metal roofing is that it is very lightweight. The metal roofing can also hide signs that the house is aging as well as protect it against harsh weather conditions.  And metal roofing doesn't usually require a tear-off of the old roof, which is also a benefit.

How much roof does the house actually have?

If your roof is a major focal point of your home, or a large amount of your roof shows from the street, then investing in a metal roof can really give it curb appeal. Other types of roofing such as asphalt and wood shakes streak and stain over time. However, metal roofing isn't susceptible to that staining.

Make sure to consider these metal roof FAQs before making your decision.

When trying to sell your home metal roofing is a great investment. It adds value, and curb appeal, in the long run making it easier for you to sell. Speak with us here at Quarve to find out how we can help you plan out and install the new metal roof for your home, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. We are a licensed MN roofing contractor specializing in metal roofs.

Among other communities, we install metal roofing in the zip codes of 55118 (Sunfish Lake, West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Lilydale), 55120 (Eagan) 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55414, 55417 (Minneapolis) and 55416 (St. Louis Park, Edina, Golden Valley) areas.