If you read yesterday's post, you've already learned some benefits to metal roofing when it comes time to sell your home.  (If you haven't read that article, click here to read.) In this follow-up post we'll talk about metal roofing as a good investment for other reasons.

There are benefits to investing in metal roofing, even if you aren't going to sell your home. Consider these questions to evaluate whether metal roofing is for you.

Is the shape of your roof simple or complicated?

If your roof is complex or has a lot of abnormalities, then metal roofing makes the most sense.  A metal roof has to be replaced far less often than asphalt, so you also won't have to repeatedly pay for material and labor costs as you would if you go with shingles.

Do you have high air conditioning costs?

If your home gets hot in the summer or you feel you are just spending way too much on your air conditioning bill, then metal roofing will be a great investment for you. It can reflect the heat, reducing energy costs.

Do you care about the environment?

Metal roofing is made up of 90% recycled material. It has an extremely long life and is very energy efficient. And in the end, when your roof has outlived its useful life, it can be recycled.  When it comes to doing right by the environment, a metal roof is often the best choice.

Do you often leave your home for long periods of time?

If you tend to be away from your home a lot, you don't want to have to worry about if the roof will hold or be stable. With the metal roofing you can be away and not have to worry about such things.  It resists fire, damage from hail and winds, and ice dam build-up, so even the weather isn't a problem while you're away.

Metal roofing may not be for everyone, but if you answered yes to many of the above questions, then this may just be your next best investment. Just make sure you hire a roofing contractor who's experienced with metal roof installation, and there you go.

With all of these benefits concerning both your home and your wallet, who wouldn't invest in the next big thing?

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