Remodeling more for appearance than function is still a valid reason.  But what if you could do a home improvement project that would give you good looks, great function, and increased value in your home?

Replacing your windows can do just that. 

Replacing a home’s windows is considered to be one of the best ways that a homeowner can improve its ability to sustain an appropriate temperature.  New windows can also deliver other benefits.

Making the choice to install replacement windows in your home is a smart one.  It will improve upon your home's appearance and raise the value of your home as well as save you money through reduced energy bills.

Installing replacement windows is considered to be a somewhat difficult process as well as it may even take up to four hours per window, depending on the size difference in the old windows compared to the new windows.  But this process goes more smoothly when you choose to have those windows installed by a licensed MN home improvement contractor who specializes in window installation.

The benefits of replacement windows are abundant - the beautiful appearance of your home and improved weatherization will make installing replacement windows well worth the money you invest.

Taking Good Measurements Is the Key to Installing New Windows The key to any remodeling project (including installing replacement windows) is taking good measurements.  Ensuring that you have the correct measurement for installing replacement windows is a science.

Your window contractor will do this for you, but if you're installing the windows yourself, here is how you do it.  First you measure the width of the window, and then you measure the height of the window.   Measure your window from the inside of the window across the bottom, middle as well as the top of the window. If you miscalculate the measurement it may end up cost you valuable time as well as money.  That's another reason to hire a professional window company.

The next step is to remove your the old window.  First you will want to remove the stops.  Many people keep the stops so that they can be used with the new windows that are installed.  After you have removed the stops you will than remove the parting beads (if there are any) as well as the sash.

Finally it is time for you to install your new replacement window.  Your new window should come with a detailed installation instruction - guide use it!  Clean off the frame and caulk it, and , next  now install that new replacement window.  Ensure that it is flush and then tap in some shims.  Don't tap them in completely as they'll need to be removed later.

With a screwdriver, insert the mounting screws at the top and bottom of the window, ensuring you close any gaps by repositioning the header.  Next test your new window, and then apply any final caulking.

If this sounds like a lot of detailed work, you're right.  After you've read these instructions, you may re-think your choice to do it yourself and hire a pro instead.  Smart move. 

Whether you have them professionally installed or do it yourself, enjoy your newly installed replacement windows that bring a beautiful look and energy efficiency to your home.

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