Many Minnesota homeowners use the winter to dream and plan on remodeling projects for spring - the weather is warmer, and all the bills from the holidays have been paid off. 

If you're thinking about remodeling your home, then you want to make sure you're making the right decisions on what to change.  It's a good idea to know which home improvement ideas are worth it, and which might not be. Here are a few universal tips from the home remodeling experts.

Proper Planning Is Very Important

With any home renovation project, the first step is thorough planning, and it is considered to be the most important step of all.

Thinking about your renovation project from the start all the way through to the end is where the project actually starts.  The careful, thoughtful planning stage of your home renovation project will enable you to renew the beauty of your home, increase the overall value of your home, and customize your living area – all for a lot less than it would cost if you bought a brand new home. Evaluate your property very carefully before starting to make changes. Consider these things:

  • Are repairs needed? If so, what repairs are a priority?  These should be taken care of before doing any remodeling, or you might want to consider working those repairs into your renovation project. 
  • Would replacement be better?  If the item that needs a repair is nearing the end of its useful life, perhaps your remodeling project should include a replacement instead. 
  • What home improvement project would you most like to see done first?   If you're like most of us, you've probably got a list of more than one project.  Prioritizing them will help you plan better, not only for this project but for the next ones.  
  • As your you and your family's needs change, what future changes might need to be made? As you're planning, think long-term and not just current needs.  Often remodeling can be done that accommodates both.  For instance, concepts called 'universal design' and 'aging in place' are being incorporated into remodeling.  Universal design takes into account things that would be needed if disabilities were to occur, such as countertop heights and sinks that would work for a person using a wheelchair as well as those who don't.  Aging in place involves remodeling that will work now and as you get older - wider doorways, hardware that's easy to operate, windows that slide rather than lift, etc., making it easier for you to remain in your home as you get older.
Hiring a professional remodeling contractor can help you with the planning stage of your project.  They can help by outlining the options that you may have as well as discuss the improvements that you are able to make that will be within your budget.  It's also important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy and make any necessary adjustment that may be needed for the increase in value of the work that is to be completed. Think about Function as Well as Design

Function as well as design should be on the top of your list when thinking of adding on a room or even converting a room that already exists. If you are planning a large or even complicated project, ensure that you give the proper amount of thought to details such as:

  • The intended use of the space
  • The flow of the space
  • Where would you like the electrical outlets
  • Where would you like the telephone jacks as well as cable hook ups
  • What type of lighting will be needed
  • What your future as well as current storage needs are
  • Would you like to include any luxury items
If you're going to remodel, you might as well do it with future functionality in mind as well.  A good example is a bathroom remodel - rather than a new tub with shower surround, put in a shower whose floor slopes toward the center and doesn't need a curb edge.  Aging in place also takes into account maintenance needs as well.  If you're replacing your siding, why not go with a material that's virtually maintenance-free, such as seamless steel siding?  Sure you're feeling spry now, but what about as you get older and don't want to climb ladders?

Planning for these needs will enable your home renovation project to better suit your lifestyle as well as your needs.  You may want to contact a professional design service or a remodeling contractor who will be able to help you with money and time saving hints. Make sure to consider everything before you start your remodeling project.

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