In today's post we want to talk about the process of hiring a roofing contractor.  While we hope you won't have to do this in the winter, circumstances may require it, and we'd like you to be prepared well.  And if you're like many Minnesota homeowners, the roof you'd like is metal.  Not every MN roofing company has the experience to properly install metal roofing, so there are questions you should ask.   P5160012In the recent years metal roofing has become a very solid roofing solution due to its unrivaled longevity as well as durability qualities.  While you the homeowner can certainly enjoy the countless benefits that metal roofing has to offer, the quality of the installation also plays a significant role in determining its strength.

When metal roofing is not installed properly it can fail before the end of its estimated service life.  In order to ensure that the roofing contractor that you hire knows the logistics as well as all the process of installing metal roofing, you should start by asking the contractor the following five questions:

Are you licensed to be a roofing contractor? This is a good place to start.  While licensing as a roofer doesn't necessarily mean the company can handle metal roofing, it does give you a good indication that they have some training as well as background in roofing.  And each state has their own licensing requirements, so if the contractor does have a license it means that he or she has fulfilled certain requirements and understands the fundamentals of the process to install roofing.  In Minnesota, a contractor that does residential building or remodeling must have a license. Is your company insured? Another credential that you will want to check is to make sure that the contractor that you are seeking to hire has the proper insurance. Ask if they are insured with general liability as well as workman’s compensation insurance, in order to cover an injury or any property damage that may happen. How long have you been installing metal roofing? Insurance and licensing are very important aspects in your decision for a roofing contractor.  Another issue you will want to discuss is how long the contractor has been installing metal roofing.  This product has been around for awhile - look for a roofing contractor that has at least five years' experience (10 is even better).   This means they have the hands-on experience to get the job done right. What exactly is the warranty for my new roof? The most common manufacturer's warranty for a metal roof is 50 years. Confirm what is actually included in your warranty by reading the actual text; do not take it by word of mouth in order to safeguard your investment.  Also as the roofer what kind of workmanship warranty they offer - most manufacturer's warranties do not cover installation defects. What is the installation process you use for a metal roof? There are two common ways to install a new metal roof.  The first of these methods requires the contractor to completely remove the entire existing roof and then replace it with the new metal roof.  The second method is called re-roofing; this is when the contractor installs the new metal roof right on top of the existing roof.   In most cases, this is the preferable method, since metal roofing is lightweight and can usually be installed over an existing roof.  If the contractor is specifying a tear-off of your old roof, ask why. "We always tear the old roof off first" is not an acceptable answer. At Quarve Contracting we're experts in metal roof installation.  In most cases we are able to install it over an existing roof - no tear-off costs, no debris to dispose of.  And we use the New Roof - No Mess system, so your new roof will get installed as neatly as possible.  For a free estimate, give us a call.  We install metal roofs throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, including  Stillwater (55082) and the surrounding communities of Lakeland, Grant Township, and Oak Park Heights.