Season’s Greetings!

What a terrific year it has been for us as a family as well as for the team here at Quarve Contracting. The calendar says 2015 only has a few hours to go, so we wanted express our thankfulness to those who are part of this year’s success. Hopefully it’s been a good year for you, too.

  • We owe a lot to the great group of employees we’ve got.  
  • We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank those fantastic customers who let us work on their homes.
12dec30a1a15It’s been more than three decades since Pat first started up his business, and over the years we’ve met a lot of wonderful people.

With 2016 just around the corner, we’re gearing up for an even better year. We wish you and yours all the very best in the days ahead.

The outlook for winter weather depends on who you listen to. The old standby, The Farmer’s Almanac, says colder and snowier than average, but those modern high-tech forecasting folks say not so much, just warmer and wetter. Either way, winter could be hard on your roof.

Lots of cold and snow means ice dams, and wetter weather could mean leaky roofs. Make sure you know the signs of roof leaks, and if you spot one, it’s important to get on it right away. Roof leaks are annoying at any time of the year, but they can be especially problematic in the winter. Often a simple repair can take care of the main issue until spring, so don’t let it go.

As more and more Minnesotans are opting for a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle, we are committed to providing green exterior remodeling solutions. Many of our products can make a home more environmentally responsible. And we don’t just install green products, we endeavor to use green building practices on our projects as well. If you’d like to go greener in your home for 2016, we’d love to talk to you about how you can do that.

And if we can help you with any other exterior repairs and remodeling needs, please keep us in mind.

May 2016 be your best year ever!

Happy New Year -

Pat & Julie Quarve