Did your New Year's resolutions involve tackling a home repair list?

Most Minnesota homeowners dread that to-do list because it is usually pretty lengthy. 

While we all know too well that some of these things on the list can get checked off quite quickly, other things just seem to stay there forever.   But despite that, there are many times as homeowners that we put off doing those home improvements and repairs that we know should be accomplished.

One of those things may include replacing that drafty entry door. 

During the winter last year, you felt that draft of cold air coming through it and you made a promise to yourself that you would have it replaced.  Then the seasons soon changed from spring to summer to fall, and now we are back into winter again and that cold draft has returned.  And that air-leaking old door has still not been replaced.  What's worse, the forecast for the coming weekend is bitter cold.

If you're kicking yourself for not having done something about your entry doors before now, we'd like you to stop.  Yes, You Can Replace Your Entry Doors This Winter 01jan04a1a15While you may think that the time for replacing that drafty door has come and gone until next spring, let the professionals at Quarve Contracting assure you that there is still time.  We understand how that to-do list can seem quite overwhelming and that some things on it get pushed to the bottom.  This is the reason that we at Quarve Contracting offer year round installation services.  No matter what the season is, we will install your new doors in order to ensure that you and your family are comfortable all year round!

Quarve Contracting has a wide variety of custom energy efficient fiberglass or steel doors that can be designed to fit the style, as well as functionality of your home.  Along with being able to choose from fiberglass or steel construction, you also have the option of 75 styles, which include 35 glass options and 40 different colors and stains.  This may seem a little bit overwhelming, do not get discouraged. Our experts are always available to walk you through the entire process, making your experience as stress free as possible.  We can help you select the best entry doors for your home.

And you've got lots to choose from - we install beautiful doors from ThermaTru and Mastercraft.  Check out our Pinterest board for a look at just some of your options. 

No matter what style or material you choose, there is one factor that you will be certain of - that cold draft that you felt will be an issue of the past.  All of our doors we install meet or exceed  the EnergyStar® criteria.  This means that they will save you money as well as energy and will benefit everyone.

Now that you will be able to finally cross off replacing your drafty entry door, you will find that not only will your home have a whole new look and be more comfortable, but when you receive your energy bill, that will also have a whole new look.  You should be able to notice that not only will your heating bill be decreased but your cooling bill will also show a reduction in costs.  Ultimately this means that over the course of time the new door will have paid for itself.

Now that you understand all of the benefits that come with installing new entry doors, why not get started on crossing it off your to do list today? Old drafty doors can be replaced during any month, so why wait? Call our MN replacement door experts at Quarve Contracting for more information, in order to start the process of replacing your home's entry doors with one of our quality entry door systems.