Owning a home usually comes with to-do lists. Whether they are projects that you are excited about doing, or tasks that need to be done, there is always plenty to do.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are a few commonly made blunders that you will want to avoid. Below, you will find the top three mistakes that homeowners usually make when it comes to remodeling the exteriors of their homes.

Buying Cheap Paint  Many homeowners try to save money by selecting a cheaper option to paint their homes with. Skimping on paint to use on your exterior can actually end up costing you more than it would to buy a better kind of paint the first time. Good exterior paint will run you about $50 a gallon and can actually go right up to $100 per gallon for the best type.

This does not mean that you need to choose the best, but avoiding the cheapest will help get your money and time's worth. Using a cheap, low quality, paint might only last you three or four years and a good quality paint should last you at least five. What's more, bargain brand paints may take two or three coats to cover what a quality brand would have provided with one.  Spend a little more the first time and you can avoid wasting more time and money in the long run.

Ignoring Neighborhood Cohesiveness  Keeping your home in tune with the rest of the homes in your neighborhood is key. Most people would like a unique home, but there is definitely a cap on what unique can be. If your neighbor’s lawns are well maintained and tidy, stay away from the extravagant decorations (or save them for the back yard) to keep the neighborhood in assimilation.

That also goes with improvements like a swimming pool - unless other homes in the neighborhood have in-ground pools, spending the money to install one could actually sabotage your home's value.

Even a different finish than other homes can make your return less if you go to sell your home in the future. Stick with design elements that complement the houses around yours.

Doing It Yourself Even the most handy homeowners may have a problem with doing some exterior projects themselves. Unless you have done certain types of work from start to finish before, it may be a little bit more than the average homeowner can handle. Some jobs require specialized tools you might not have, while with other types of remodeling projects there may be building code issues you're not even aware of.  Here are 5 things you should definitely pay someone else to do.  And then there is the safety issue.  We do not recommend that homeowners take on a roof repair or replacement project themselves.  Working on a roof is dangerous enough, but if it's not something you're used to, it's downright perilous.

Sometimes it might not even mean that you cannot complete the job due to lack of skills, tools, or knowledge. Time is a big part in exterior projects, and you will need a ton of it to complete larger jobs like siding projects.

When planning an exterior renovation, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Quarve Contracting to help you avoid the most common mistakes that homeowners make. We can help you with your exterior renovations from start to finish.

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