Quick - what's the most important visual element in a home's exterior?

Answer: The front door. 

Your front door is one of the first things your visitors will notice about your home.  Your entry door also presents great opportunity for you to make a great first impression, but this is only if you have the right exterior door for your home.  Not unlike windows, the entry door that you choose should provide you with the functions that you are looking for.  In order to help find the right entry door, consider the door’s functional capabilities, as well as the following design considerations:

Door Style:  The style of the door refers to the door's design.  Whether you may be looking to replace an entry door or a patio door, keep in mind that your final choice should go well with the type of architectural style of your home.  For example: up-to-date door designs go with the more modern homes, and the traditional door designs go better on the traditional style homes.  Yet, this is not a hard rule; instead, focus on if the design of your choice goes well with the rest of your home's exterior design.  Here's a good example.  If the windows in your home don't have grids, then your front door shouldn't either. Door Size: In the same manner that a door's design should complement the style of ahome, the size of the door should match as well.  For example: if your home is large you should choose a door that is proportionate in size; on the other hand, if you have a small quaint cottage, you do not want to choose a very large and overwhelming door.  Go with an exterior door contractor that offers custom sized doors and you will not have a problem finding that perfect sized entry or other exterior door for your home. Door Material: You may have heard that frame material choices affect window selections; the same concept applies to exterior doors.   Wood doors exude unparalleled beauty, while the metallic finished doors greatly complement modern homes.   Doors that are manufactured from composite material may offer the best of both worlds. Whatever your choice may be, ensure that it is a material that will fit with your home’s style as well as general color scheme.

A great looking entry door is just the first step to a dynamite looking home.  Consider these other ways to enhance the exterior of your home and make it more appealing from the curb.

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