Earlier this week we kicked off our series on exterior design with a post on choosing the right exterior doors (click here to read).  In this post we'll talk about choosing siding. 

Nothing will provide the overall exterior design of your home than appropriately chosen siding.  The proper siding will give your home that much needed visual impact that plain walls just cannot provide.

It always comes in handy to have numerous options, but at the same time these options can make your selection process seem quite overwhelming.  Do not get discouraged; here are just a few tips in order to help you get started on finding that perfect siding for your home:

Siding Selection Tips
  • Material affects the appearance.  There are several siding material options that are available to you.  Each one offers a unique look for your home.  Be confident in choosing any type of material that you feel is right for you; just ensure that the material that is being chose complements the general appearance of your home.  Keep in mind that there are certain types of material that work better than others when it comes to architectural styles.  For example, the traditional look of brick makes it the ideal material for homes incorporating colonial, Tudor, or English cottage styles, while smooth fiber cement is the choice to go with for contemporary homes.
  • Siding design is also a big factor.  Horizontal lap siding complements proportioned compositions as well as simple, boxy forms so it is a great choice for most traditional homes, such as Cape Cod or colonial Styles homes.  Board and batten siding may help in making your home seem taller due to its vertical layout.  For a more comfortable, rural-inspired appearance for your home, try combining horizontal lap siding with board and batten. This provides the home with a unique, modern appeal.
  • Exploring your options. Keeping in mind what has typically worked for other homeowners for many years is a fantastic way to taper down your siding options. However, the truth of the matter is that some of the non-traditional options just may surprise you in a very good way.  This is the main reason why it is very important for you to explore all of the available options.  Even if you seem to have your heart on a certain type and style of siding, explore all of what is out there.  The options that are available to you will be mostly guided by the contractor that you chose to work with.  For the best in quality siding selection, choose a siding company with a great reputation.
Here are Quarve we install a variety of siding products, including vinyl and seamless steel.  Or consider James Hardie siding, and these benefits that come with it when choosing fiber cement as a siding material.  James Hardie siding comes in a variety of design profiles that can work with many different home styles. We can help you evaluate all of the high quality, top-notch siding choices that you desire when you work with us here at Quarve for all of your siding needs. We can ensure you’re happy with the outcome.  We are a licensed MN siding installation contractor serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.