What is all the hype about energy efficient windows? 01jan27a1a16You may have heard about how energy-efficient windows have a great reputation and how they are an amazing investment for your Minneapolis area home.

It is only natural that you may be curious about how they actually work and how well they work.  Below you can find answers to a few of the questions you might be wondering about energy efficient windows.

Will I notice a difference after the energy efficient windows are installed in my home?

Every home is different. Depending on what your house had for windows before, it might make a huge difference in feeling, or it may not be an immediately apparent difference. Many people have said that certain parts of their homes where there were older, drafty windows have felt cooler or warmer after having new energy efficient windows installed. Parts of their homes that have never felt cool in the summer have actually started feeling cool. Even if your home is not one to have a change you notice right after window installation, you are sure to notice the difference once you get your energy bills.

How soon after installation of energy efficient windows will I notice a difference?

Again, it is different for every home. Sometimes a homeowner can tell there's a difference even before the contractors leave their home after the window installation is done. The part of the home that the new windows are installed in also has an impact on how soon you can feel a difference. In the hottest parts of a home – like an attic or sunroom – you might feel a difference much sooner.

So how do energy efficient windows actually work?

Your windows are where the most heat transfer happens within your home. When you choose an energy-efficient window with double or triple panes, the air or gas between the panes helps slow the transfer of heat. You also have options such as larger spaces between the panes that do even more to slow the transfer of heat, and for even more protection you can opt for a low-E glass that also reflects ultraviolet rays from entering your home (and discoloring furniture, walls, pictures, etc.). Learn more about low-E glass here.  Another option is coating or tinting to further cut down on energy transfer.

When you are ready to make the best investment you possibly can for your home and switch your windows to energy-efficient ones, contact the replacement window team at Quarve. We can help you choose which window options work the best for your home and answer any other questions you might have about energy efficient windows.

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