Here at Quarve, we provide all of your high quality, five-star exterior remodeling products and services. And that includes siding.

We believe that the siding on your MN home should be state of the art. It should not only look good but should also stand up to the outside elements, providing protection for everyone and everything inside the home.  And we also believe that you should have a choice.  That's why we offer a variety of siding products, including:

  • Seamless steel siding by Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota (our own subdivision)
  • Vinyl siding from Royal Woodland and Quest by Mastic
  • Cedar and other wood shakes
  • Fiber cement siding from the James Hardie Company
Not only do we provide some of the highest quality products on the market, but our professional MN siding installers also ensure that it is put on your home right. This will make the product work ten times better than with an installation that is not done properly. We take siding installation seriously, because without the best installation, you’re paying for a product that does not work the way it was intended to.    Your siding, if not installed correctly, will have leaks, gaps, spaces, cracks, dents and more.

We take so much pride in the installation that we do, that we have gone through extensive training to ensure that each professional can do the job they were meant to do, while ensuring that your siding does not leak or crack. Our installation crews have been trained in the specific application techniques required by each manufacturer. We know your satisfaction as well as your home's protection depends on us perfectly installing your siding.

If it's time for new siding on your home, may we suggest fiber cement from The Jame Hardie Company?

We believe that our James Hardie siding can provide not only the looks and feel that a homeowner wants but also the durability and protection they need.

Ranked the highest in the siding market today, James Hardie siding is incredibly durable.  The HardieZone® system has been engineered for specific climate conditions.  Here's what James Hardie has to say about the HZ5 siding that's recommended for the Minneapolis area:

The HZ5® product line is right at home in climates with freezing temperatures, extreme seasonal temperature variations, and snow and ice. To ensure its beauty matches its durability, we've engineered the surface for higher performance, giving it superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. In addition, we've added a drip edge to provide improved water management. So you are not only getting an exterior that performs well in cold, nasty climates. You're getting an exterior engineered just for it.  (Source: James Hardie Commercial)
Hardie's HZ5® siding can withstand any Minnesota weather elements that it comes into contact with. It will not expand and contract with changes in the weather, and it will not break down with time. It is virtually maintenance free, allowing you to sit back and just enjoy the look that it provides, while keeping the temperature inside your home constant and comfortable. There are many benefits to having James Hardie fiber cement siding.  (Click here for some specifics.)

The best part?

James Hardie fiber cement siding also saves you money in your energy bill every month!

We know what it means to save you money, to make your home look its best and to ensure that the product and installation you pay for is top-notch. We wouldn’t want anything less, so why should we give you anything less?

Before you choose a siding product for your home, call the professionals here at Quarve today to learn more!  We'd be happy to talk with you about James Hardie fiber cement siding or any of our other quality siding options.