As you're getting your income taxes ready for filing, you're probably moaning about how much of your earnings go to the government.

But how much of that paycheck is slipping out those drafty old doors and windows?

As any homeowner knows, buying a house and property is probably the most expensive investment one will ever make.  Yet the expenses don’t end the day after closing.  Whether you have purchased a “fixer upper” or built a new home a couple decades ago, you are probably realizing that there are renovations and repairs to be done.  Likely that will include having some new windows and doors installed by a licensed MN home remodeling contractor.

There are a number of important reasons to replace those outdated windows and doors.  Maybe you just want to improve the aesthetics and beauty of your home with something a little more modern.  This is a great investment which will lead to increased market value of your home.

Perhaps even more important than curb appeal is the energy efficiency provided by new windows and doors.  Glass systems have greatly improved over the years, causing more heat to be retained in the winter and cool air in the summer.  With new glass as well as new calking and sealants, the cold drafts will be gone, resulting in lower utility bills.

Now there is an added benefit to the replacement of old doors and windows.  Near the end of 2015 the President and the Congress of the United States extended the duration of tax incentives for energy efficient home renovations through 2016.  This action was quickly approved of by a number of large associations including The Window and Door Manufacturers Association.  This tax credit applies to energy efficient renovations for new construction as well as existing homes.  (For details and to find out whether you would qualify, talk to your tax professional.)

How much longer will you wait to replace your old windows and doors?  With improved styling, reduced energy bills, and substantial tax incentives, we think it’s a very worthwhile investment in your home.  The replacement window installation crews at Quarve Contracting specialize in energy-efficient windows and exterior doors in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, so call us today to take advantage of the tax benefits available to you.