When you’re on the market for a new roof, it can be hard figuring out who to hire for the job. These are three reasons a licensed MN roofing contractor who specializes in metal roofing should be your first choice.

1. Relative Life Expectancy of Roofing Although some asphalt roofs may come with a 50 year warranty, they won’t necessarily last that long. Generally you can expect 3-tab shingles to last around 15 years, and architectural shingles lasting a few years longer.  How long yours will last depends on a variety of factors, including sun exposure and maintenance.

It’s always a good idea take a close look at the fine print on the warranty, before signing anything. You may find that those $3 to $10 per square foot shingles won’t last nearly as long as advertised, and the warranty may not cover what you think it does.

You don’t have to worry about that with metal roofing. This versatile and durable roofing material generally lasts a lot longer than asphalt. It also requires very little maintenance.

2. Long Term Cost of Roofing If you think about how often you will need to replace less expensive roofing, you’ll realize spending more up front on a metal roof will save you money in the long run. After installation, odds are you’ll never need to replace it again.

You’ll also be saved the frustration and time that comes with finding a new roof. Those savings metal roofing offer will ensure it pays itself off over time.

3. Environmentally Friendly Roofing One of the best things about a metal roof is that you won’t be adding to the environmental burden a landfill presents. Since most metal roofs are partially made out of recycled metal you’ll also be closing the recycling circle. If you ever do need to replace a metal roof, you can save the materials and bring them to a recycling center.  That can't be said of an asphalt roof.

In addition to the variety of colors and styles metal now comes in, these three points are all great reasons to make sure your next roof is metal.

To find out more about how a metal roof can protect and beautify your home, contact us today at Quarve.  We are a licensed MN exterior home improvement contractor, and we specialize in metal roofing.