If you’ve had problems with your roof or gutters this winter, your fascia may be in need of repair.

What is fascia, you ask?  Fascia is trim that finishes off the front of your roof edges.  Fascia boards are an important link in your home’s weather protection system.  Although they get less attention than the roof and gutters, these three all work together to keep harsh elements from entering your attic.

Fascia boards provide a layer of protection between the edge of the roof and the outside.  They also carry the entire gutter system on a building. Because the fascia is situated below the roof and is attached to the gutters, it is particularly susceptible to water damage, which leads to rot. Once fascia has started to rot it can easily spread to the rafters and other roofing material.

Ineffective gutter systems are among the greatest hazards when it comes to maintaining your fascia boards. If any of the downspouts or extensions in your gutter system are detached or filled with debris, they will not be able to effectively carry rain water off the roof and away from your home.  This causes moisture to back up into the fascia, resulting in rot.

It is best to get rotting fascia replaced as soon as possible.  If it goes untended, you could end up with detached gutters.  Gutters that are full of debris and stagnant water are heavy, sometimes even heavy enough to pull the gutters out from the fascia.  Potentially disastrous, wouldn’t you say?

When replacing rotted fascia, keep these pointers in mind:
  • Check for compromised soffits at the same time.  Oftentimes both soffits and fascia are affected by excessive water buildup.
  •  Don’t use nails that are too large.  The boards should be secure, but extra-large nails can cause the wood to crack, allowing moisture to enter. 
  • Finally, Make sure any seams in the fascia line up with the rafters to help avoid water leaks.
As always, regular maintenance is the best solution for keeping your fascia in good condition.  Have your gutters cleaned regularly to avoid buildup of water around the edges of the roof.  Remove moss and other materials that can wedge in between the gutter system and the fascia.  In order for your home to continue in excellent condition for years to come, proper maintenance is crucial. Do you suspect water damage to your fascia or soffits, but don’t want to get up on a ladder to check it out?  No problem; just contact Quarve Contracting, a licensed MN exterior remodeling company.   Among our other exterior home improvement services, we repair and replace fascia.  We’re here to help protect what’s valuable to you.