Are you hearing a lot about energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and going green?  With all the pollutants produced today by heavy traffic, power plants and factories, most of us are endeavoring to lessen our impact on the planet. Did you know that green remodeling is a way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint?   indexIf you live in the city you most likely experience a certain degree of smog on a regular basis.  Maybe you’ve even heard smog alerts come out on the news.  As we all know, the amount of CO2 emissions produced by vehicles is becoming an increasing problem in the U.S.  Now here’s a fact you may not know.  If each of the 70 million windows that currently have non-qualified glass were replaced with Energy Star certified windows, the lifetime savings would amount to the removing of over 5 million cars from the road for a year.  By having a MN exterior remodeling contractor install energy efficient windows in your home, you can take an active part in protecting our plant from increasing pollutants.

We’ve probably all experienced power outages once in a while due to storms or other situations.  Not a huge problem - we just enjoy the candlelight and a few quiet moments away from the electronics.  However, for the most part we can’t function very efficiently without electricity, and the production of electricity requires that many power plants burn fossil fuels.  Now consider this:

If every homeowner in the U.S. replaced their double pane windows with energy efficient windows, the annual savings would be enough to light every home in Washington DC for almost a century. 
And we’re not kidding.

Who knew that green remodeling had such an impact on the planet?  The installation of Energy Star certified windows will drastically reduce your use of energy, lowering both greenhouse gas emissions and your utility bills. Even small steps can make a difference, so call Quarve Contracting today to see what eco-friendly renovations could do for your home and family.

Quarve Contracting is a licensed MN home improvement contractor, specializing in green exterior remodeling such as energy efficient replacement windows, and eco-friendly roofing and siding. To learn more, see our Green Remodeling section for details.